Modern Warfare 3: How To Fix MW3 Zombies Golden Enigma Not Working Issues?

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Many gamers love Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), but it has some issues, especially in the campaign, multiplayer, and zombie mode. Despite the criticisms, the dedicated community is giving the iconic franchise a chance. However for some players, the fun is getting spoiled because they’re having trouble unlocking the desired Golden Enigma skin. In this guide, We’ll look into the annoying problem that stops you from getting the Golden Enigma, exploring potential fixes and workarounds to MW3 Zombies Golden Enigma Not Working Issues and enhance your MW3 experience.

The Challenge of Golden Enigma In MW3 Zombies:

The Golden Enigma skin is really liked by Modern Warfare 3 players because it looks special and cool. Even if players do what they’re supposed to, many are finding it hard to get this awesome skin. This problem has led to more people talking about it in the gaming community, showing how important it is for players to have and use the Golden Enigma skin in their games. So, what’s causing this puzzle, and is there a solution? Let’s figure it out.

How To Fix COD MW3 Zombies Golden Enigma Not Working Issue?

As of now, an official fix for the Golden Enigma bug hasn’t been released. However, there’s a glimmer of hope for the frustrated players. The developers have acknowledged the issue, as indicated in their response [insert link to the response]. While we await an official remedy through future updates or patches, those unwilling to wait can explore a few workarounds. It’s important to note that these workarounds aren’t guaranteed fixes and might not work for everyone.

Workarounds to Try:

1. Restart and Check Your Internet:

Sometimes, a simple system restart and a thorough internet connection check can resolve connectivity issues that might be affecting the tracking of Golden Enigma challenges.

2. Simplify things:

To enhance your chances of completing the Golden Enigma challenge, stick to the basics. Avoid Pack-a-Punch upgrades and extra attachments on your weapon. Opt for SVA-based guns and simplify your approach to increase the likelihood of unlocking the coveted skin.

3. Kill 100 Zombies:

During an exfil escape, challenge yourself to eliminate 100 zombies in a single attempt. This might be the key to overcoming the tracking issue and successfully unlocking the Golden Enigma skin.

4. Double Check:

It’s easy to overlook specific requirements for unlocking the skin. Double-check and ensure you meet all the specified criteria, including the necessary conditions and requirements for each challenge.

5. Redo the Challenges:

If the challenges continue to pose difficulties, consider repeating them. Reattempting the challenges may trigger the tracking mechanism, leading to a successful completion of the Golden Enigma challenges.


In the midst of MW3’s bug-laden journey, the Golden Enigma issue stands out as a persistent frustration for players. While official fixes are in the pipeline, the provided workarounds offer a glimmer of hope for those seeking immediate solutions. Remember, persistence can sometimes be the key to unlocking the mysteries within MW3. For more gaming-related queries, make sure to visit DigiStatement daily. Until the developers wave their magic wand, these workarounds might just be your ticket to donning the Golden Enigma skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Happy gaming!

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