MLB the Show 22: Simple Guide on “How to Trade under Road to the Show”

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Trading is an important aspect for every sports video game, just like in the real world. If you’re a big fan of MLB The Show 22, you may have wondered how to trade players on Road to the Show. MLB The Show is an excellent game, but there are so many aspects that players may not understand at first. Trading is one of these features. In this guide, we will see how to trade player under Road to the Show in MLB the Show 22.

MLB the Show 22: Simple Guide on “How to Trade under Road to the Show”

Trading in your favorite team just got a lot easier. As long as you’re playing under Road to the Show mode and received an offer from another teams, you now have the option to go to trade with them.

MLB The Show 22 brings a wealth of improvements to the long-running video game series. These include the ability to trade under Road to the Show, which is the first time that players will be able to leave their team if they wish. This build-or-break addition will allow you to trade your way onto your favourite team and start adding some serious trophy cabinets.

When you start a new Road to the Show (RttS), you can choose which team you want your player to play for. You can pick whichever team you’d like to play for and jump straight into action. However, if you regret this choice or decide that another team would suit you better, now you can ask for a trade.

This is important news for anyone who has spent time building a solid player but thinks that his or her skills are better suited on another team. To do so, simply attend your agent’s check-in calls and see if it’s possible to get moved.

If you want to Trade under Road to the Show (RttS), whenever your agent calls and asks how things are going, choose “could be better.” and then follow up with something like “I just never saw myself with the [TEAM].”

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While talking to your agent will not make a difference right away, you can do things like complaining, or performing better in-game to help increase their interest in trading you. By performing better, or having these stats on your side, you can convince your agent that you are ready for a trade now. These complaints aren’t inconsequential: they will help your agent work towards getting you into a better situation. If you communicate only negative feedback at first, your agent will make an effort to get you a trade.


That’s a wrap for this guide on how to trade in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22. We hope it helped you, and feel free to check out any of our other guides for this game.

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