MIUI 11 is testing “App Behavior Records” feature to make smartphones more secure

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Xiaomi‘s developer team is working on a new feature for MIUI 11 which aims to make smartphones more secure. The feature is called “App Behavior Records” will record unauthorized activity of any applications that are launching other apps in the background or when they use sensitive permissions. That is something that users don’t know what information on the phone has been accessed and that can be cautious sometime.

App Behavior Records

Here are the list of behaviors recorded which is as follows.

  • Automatic start in the background
  • Chain launch (the application that starts another app)
  • Use of certain authorizations
  • Performing sensitive actions

This feature will inform the users through a notification on the phone when it detect any “sensitive activity“, such as

  • Recording audio in the background,
  • Access to calendar events or to call history
  • Make a call
  • Take pictures or record video
  • Access or save items to the clipboard
  • Access to contacts
  • Access to location
  • Reading text messages
  • Access to sensor data
  • Access to activity information or device information
  • Reading phone number
  • Access or saving files in the background

However, this feature is currently being tested, so all MIUI 11 have to wait when it will be officially available.

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