Mangago servers are down on 27 March 2021, Website and App not working, showing 404 error message

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Mangago is one of the most popular website among those who read Manga. The website has over 71 million monthly active users who read Manga, and you do not have to pay a single penny for this. It is totally free. There is no doubt that Mangago is a great place to read Manga, but sometimes great things also face a great issue. The same thing is happening with Mangago as well. Mangago servers are down from few days. However, this is not the first time when Mangago’s servers go down, we have seen it before as well. But this time the scenario is different. It’s almost going to a week and the Mangago website still not working.

Mangagao Server is Down

Mangago website and app are down from few days. Users are getting 404 message while visiting on the website. Mangago team left a message on the website for its users, explained the ongoing situation. Here is the following message users are getting on the website: “Guys, sorry to let you know, there is a server emergency we have to deal with, thus will suspend our service for a while. It may last for sevral days, but we’re sure we will be back asap.”

This is almost a week and we still don’t know when it will start working again. Mangago had faced a similar issue in the past as well, but it was fixed in a couple of days. However, servers going down are always an issue for those websites which shared licensed contents for free. But it is a bit long in case of Mangago right now. The team behind the Mangago made clear that they are dealing with a server emergency situation and it can take several days to fix it.

Mangago Servers Down: Users Reaction

People took twitter to express their feeling about the situation and hoping it will back really soon again. Below you can find out the people’s reaction about the Mangago server emergency.

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