Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.020 Patch 1.1.362 Details: Explore What’s New

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HexWorks has rolled out a new Lords of the Fallen update 1.020 Patch 1.1.362, implementing changes focused on AI behavior, multiplayer performance, overall optimization, and bug fixes. This update, numbered 1.1.362 internally, aims to provide a smoother and more consistent experience across both singleplayer and online play.

Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.020 Patch 1.1.362 Details: Explore What’s New

In the detailed official patch notes, the developers state that this update sees a return to their normal weekly release cycle that tweaks, enhances, and builds upon the existing game. Highlights of what’s new in update 1.020 include AI changes to make enemy actions more predictable for satisfying combat, further refinements to matchmaking and networking code for better cooperative play, and significant performance upgrades through optimization passes on multiple game areas.

Multiplayer Improvements

On the multiplayer side, matchmaking has been adjusted to be more flexible when evaluating ping and network latency to produce quicker and broader matchmaking results. This should make finding online co-op partners easier across more network conditions. An issue was also fixed where invading players could get stuck behind praying enemies at the Path of Devotion Memorial location. Lastly, a spectating bug was resolved for the Pieta boss encounter.

Extensive Performance Upgrades

Significant performance optimization was a major focus of this patch. Multiple locations throughout Lords of the Fallen had “optimization passes” to help improve FPS, reduce hitching, and lead to smoother overall gameplay. Regions specifically called out include Shuja Hamlet, Fief of the Chill Curse’s castle, Pilgrim’s Perch, Sanctuary of Baptism, Defiled Sepulchre, Fief of the Chill Curse’s city, Leprosarium, and more. One universal change was reducing minor environmental objects that cast shadows, which removes some GPU load without any visual quality loss.

Refined Combat Through Better AI

Several adjustments have also been made to enemy AI behavior to create more predictable, learnable move sets for players to react to. The tricky Holy Bulwark enemy had an issue fixed where he could teleport away and fully heal if lured too far. Marksman rate of fire was tweaked to be more consistent. Trapper mortar explosions can no longer indefinitely stunlock players. Lastly, a bug that caused enemies to get stuck rotating in place was resolved.

Camera, Level Design, and Collision Improvements

The patch also included tweaks to the lantern camera behavior to make it less disruptive during combat. Falling enemy camera issues were also fixed when locked on. Multiple collision adjustments were made to prevent players moving out of bounds or getting stuck in terrain. Some area transitions were also updated, and missing level barriers added.


Lords of the Fallen’s 1.020 update brings a bunch of game-changing tweaks that focus on enhancing multiplayer connections, refining gameplay with AI and camera adjustments, optimizing graphics significantly, and squashing bugs. All of this not only adds to the current gaming experience but also sets the stage for exciting new content drops that have been recently announced. HexWorks, the brains behind the game, stays true to their word with weekly patches and fine-tuning to keep the player experience top-notch. With the extensive improvements in update 1.020, players can expect more responsive combat, smoother cooperation with others, and an overall better-running game.

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