Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.019 (v1.1.34) Details: Explore What’s New

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CI Games just released a major update for Lords of the Fallen (Update 1.019 or v1.1.348) on November 21. It’s available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This update brings exciting new stuff, fixes important issues, and makes the gaming experience better for everyone. Let’s check out the cool new quest called “The Way of the Bucket” and all the other improvements waiting for players. Get ready for an even more awesome gaming adventure!

The Way of the Bucket: A Mysterious Journey Unveiled

Get ready for a cool new update! There’s this exciting questline called “The Way of the Bucket.” It’s a mysterious and captivating adventure that makes players think about some deep stuff. Is it a super old martial art, or maybe a secret ritual from ancient times? Or is it just one person’s crazy dedication to a simple bucket?

The game makers, CI Games, did an awesome job creating a story that pulls players in. It challenges your brain and teases you with a promise of a mysterious reward. As you go on this journey, the story unfolds like an ancient scroll, full of surprises and twists. You’re not just playing a game; you’re exploring a world that’s way more interesting than you’d expect, all centered around a humble bucket.

CI Games turned this into an immersive experience that goes beyond typical storytelling. “The Way of the Bucket” isn’t just a game; it’s a journey into mystery and suspense. As you follow the quest, you’re not just after a prize – you’re chasing after knowledge and the secrets hidden in this amazing story. It’s a game that takes you on an adventure you won’t forget!

Exploring The Story: Players Are Invited To Find Direction In The Mysterious Lines As The Tale Unfolds.

“When time came to do or die, they emerged from their throes,
With meagre improvisations, spreading such desperate blows.
Should you as well seek meaning in these humble souls’ disguise,
Don makeshift twin attire and find the one that lies.
Salute, attest, and once more show honor to their semblance,
And you’ll amass the sincere gifts of one held in remembrance.
Yet hoard not without measure, show mutual regard,
For greed amongst the downtrodden is seen as truly marred.”

It’s a poetic challenge that adds a layer of depth to the game, inviting players to embrace the spirit of discovery and camaraderie.

New Spells Pack #1: Expanding the Arsenal

“The Way of the Bucket” now comes with New Spells Pack #1! It gives players more magic to use in the game. There are spells from three magic schools, like the powerful “Vortex of Torment” and the impressive “The Tolling.” To get these spells, you need to beat the characters who have them. This makes the game more interesting by adding new strategies and keeping the fights exciting. These spells bring something new to the Lords of the Fallen universe!

Core Gameplay Improvement: Defying Gravity with Precision

In response to player feedback, the update addresses a core gameplay concern. No longer will you find yourself plummeting off ledges when initiating an attack animation away from the edge. A subtle yet impactful adjustment that enhances the precision of combat, ensuring that the outcome of a battle is determined by skill rather than an unintended fall.

Improved Matchmaking: Prioritizing Quality Connections

Matchmaking receives a facelift in this update, with a focus on prioritizing ping and conducting additional checks on connection quality. While this may slightly extend matchmaking times, the result is a more stable and enjoyable online experience, fostering a community built on fair competition.

Umbral Ending Fix: Clearing the Path to Conclusion

For players who encountered obstacles in reaching the Umbral ending, a sigh of relief echoes through the gaming community. The update introduces an additional check, addressing edge cases and ensuring a smoother progression towards the game’s conclusion. CI Games expresses gratitude to the vigilant player community for their invaluable contributions to identifying and resolving this matter.

Performance Enhancements: A Seamless Gaming Experience

The update goes beyond content additions and bug fixes, venturing into the realm of performance enhancements. Additional precalculated PSOs aim to reduce micro-stuttering, offering a smoother journey through the game world. Optimizations in various areas, such as the Upper Calrath nobles’ region and the Skyrest Bridge, contribute to an overall improved gaming experience.

AI Tweaks: Sharper Senses and Tactical Adjustments

The artificial intelligence within Lords of the Fallen receives a boost, with improvements to enemy behaviors and interactions. From increasing Scarlet Shadow’s senses to prevent players from escaping its radar, to refining the AI’s patrol patterns, these tweaks enhance the immersive nature of battles, making each encounter more challenging and rewarding.

Collision Corrections: Navigating the World Without Hindrance

The game world undergoes meticulous adjustments to eliminate potential obstacles for players. From fixing issues where players could get stuck in various locations to preventing unintended skips of certain areas, these collision corrections contribute to a seamless and immersive gaming environment.

Visual Refinements: Aesthetics and Detail Matter

Lords of the Fallen Update 1.019 doesn’t just focus on gameplay and performance; it also pays attention to the visual aspects of the game. Improved player character turning animations, refined weapon and armor sets, and visual enhancements in various locations showcase CI Games’ commitment to delivering a visually stunning and polished gaming experience.

Conclusion: A New Chapter Unfolds

Get ready for the latest update of Lords of the Fallen (Update 1.019 or v1.1.348)! It’s like stepping into a whole new world full of mystery, magic, and lots of improvements. There’s this exciting new thing called “The Way of the Bucket” that offers amazing rewards. Plus, there are new spells and improvements to make the game even more awesome. The game creators, CI Games, really listened to the players and worked hard to make everything better. It’s an invitation to dive into this fresh chapter of the game, where you’ll experience the joy of discovering new things and enjoy a finely-tuned adventure. So, get your gear ready, be ready for surprises, and let the exploration fun begin!

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