List Of All Lethal Company Terminal Commands Or Secret Commands And Quick Guide To Use Them?

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Lethal Company is a really fun game where you go on an outer space adventure. It’s not just about exploring cool places and collecting things to make money; there’s also a secret world of special commands that adds mystery to the story. In this guide, we’ll talk about these secret commands, which are like hidden keys that can unlock a lot of cool stuff in the game. These secret commands, kind of like special codes, can totally change the game. They’re like keys that open up new and exciting parts of the game. We’ll uncover these commands, explain how they work, and show you how to use them. They’re not just random codes – they can open up shortcuts, let you control different parts of the game, and basically take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The Power of Terminal Commands

Lethal Company’s terminal commands are more than just codes; they are gateways to a realm of strategic advantages that go beyond conventional gameplay. These commands wield a profound impact on the scavenging experience, allowing players to navigate the game with newfound efficiency and finesse.

Terminal Commands: A Game-Changer

Let’s take a closer look at the arsenal of terminal commands at your disposal, each wielding a unique function that can alter the course of your intergalactic journey.

Help: The gateway to Lethal Company’s command universe, the Help command provides a comprehensive list of available commands. It serves as your compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of secret codes and functions.

Moons: Discover the beauty and challenges of the cosmos with the Moons command. This function showcases the planets and exomoons available, each presenting unique hazards and weather conditions. Choosing your destination wisely becomes crucial for survival.

Store : Efficiency meets communication with the Store command. This function allows players to purchase tools and communicate with teammates seamlessly. The ability to buy multiple items simultaneously enhances your strategic prowess.

Bestiary : Knowledge is power, and the Bestiary command provides just that. Unveil a menu containing information about in-game monsters, emphasizing the importance of scanning creatures for valuable data to enhance your gameplay.

Storage : Master the art of resource management with the Storage command. This function enables you to efficiently handle the storage cabinet near the landing pod’s back door, including picking up and rotating items with ease.

View Monitor : Even though it might sound repetitive, the View Monitor command copies the main observing screen. This doesn’t give a lot of tactical benefits, but it could help control doors more accurately.

Switch and Ping : Ensure the safety of your team with the Switch and Ping commands. These functions help monitor teammates or specific locations, with the Ping command requiring a Radar Booster for optimal performance.

Sigurd : Dive into the lore of Lethal Company with the Sigurd command. This function generates log entries related to the game’s narrative, adding an immersive layer to your gaming experience.

Scan : Stay informed about your surroundings with the Scan command. It displays the number of items outside the ship and their total value, offering real-time updates as items are moved inside the ship.

Unlocking Secured Doors: Navigate the challenges of Lethal Company by learning how to unlock secured doors using alphanumeric codes. This essential skill adds an element of strategy to your scavenging missions.

How to Execute Lethal Company Terminal Commands

Now that you know about the different things you can do, let’s go through how to get to the terminal and do stuff. Just follow these steps carefully to make sure your gaming goes smoothly. Using Terminal Commands is like giving your computer orders in a special text-based tool.

  • To start, open the terminal and press the E key.
  • Inside, you can do different things like checking the store or looking at a list of creatures using specific commands.
  • To make it work, type the command you want and hit enter. Just be careful to type it correctly!

And now you have figured out the special commands for Lethal Company’s terminal. Time to venture into those moons! Just be smart with your typing and loot choices.


In the big world of Lethal Company, special commands are like keys that help you discover secrets and make your game better. When you’re exploring empty moons and industrial places, be smart about what you type and what you take. You have the whole universe to explore, so use the terminal wisely and go on your adventures carefully. Hope you find lots of cool stuff and have successes in the growing world of Lethal Company!

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