Lethal Company Files Not Loading/Corrupted? Here’s How To Fix It

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In the dark expanse of space, where moons lay abandoned and mysterious, Lethal Company emerges as the latest co-op horror sensation. Released on October 24, 2023, this early access title by Zeekerss invites players into an industrialized lunar world, challenging them to scavenge and explore in a heart-pounding co-op environment. However, amid the excitement, a nagging issue has haunted the gaming experience of many players – the Files Not Loading/Corrupted dilemma. In this guide, we’re going to explore Lethal Company, look at the issues players encounter, and, most importantly, figure out how to fix Lethal Company files not loading.

Overview of Lethal Company:

Lethal Company is a game where players become scavengers hired to gather valuable scrap from deserted moons. It’s still in early access, allowing up to four players to explore a vast universe with seven planets, encounter nine different creatures, and use eight tools for exploration. The developer, Zeekerss, is working on making the game even better by listening to player feedback through platforms like Discord and Patreon.

Lethal Company Files Not Loading/Corrupted Issue:

As the moonlit adventure unfolds, many players encounter the dreaded Files Not Loading/Corrupted issue, especially when attempting to navigate the multiplayer or LAN screen. This problem can cast a shadow over the otherwise thrilling gaming experience, leaving players frustrated and searching for solutions.

Workarounds and Fixes: How To Fix Lethal Company Files Not Loading/Corrupted Issue?


The first line of defense – a simple restart. Sometimes, the issue may be a fleeting glitch, easily rectified with a quick reboot.

Verify Files:

If you’re dealing with a corrupted file problem, the solution is to check and fix the files. Follow these steps: Open Steam, go to your Library, right-click on the game, choose Properties > Installed Files > Verify integrity of game files. Wait for it to finish, restart your computer, and then start Lethal Company. This step ensures that the game’s integrity remains intact.

Delete Certain Files:

Clearing out problematic files can often be the key to a smoother gaming experience. If you’re having trouble with a problem in Lethal Company, here’s an easy fix you can try. Go to this folder on your computer: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\LocalLow\ZeekerssRBLX\LethalCompany. Once you’re there, just delete everything inside the LethalCompany folder. It’s that simple! After that, start the game again and check if the issue is still there or if clearing out the folder did the trick.

Check Server Status:

Stay informed by joining the official Discord server for regular server status updates. Additionally, ensuring a stable internet connection is paramount.

Install the Latest Update:

Downloading and installing available updates is crucial. Developers frequently release patches to fix bugs, and updating drivers can contribute to enhanced game stability.

Allow Game Through Antivirus:

For those facing security software-related issues, steps to add the game to the antivirus exclusion list are outlined. This can prevent false positives and ensure a seamless gaming experience. You can try this too:

  • Go to Windows Settings.
  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Choose Windows Security and then Virus & Threat Protection.
  • Scroll down and click Manage settings under Virus & Threat Protection settings.
  • Scroll down again and select Add or Remove exclusions.
  • Add the game to the exclusion list by clicking Add an Exclusion.

This straightforward process can potentially address the issues you’re facing, offering a workaround for a smoother gaming experience.

Fresh Install:

In some cases, opting for a completely new installation of the game might prove to be the most exhaustive solution. It’s worth noting that players should conduct a thorough check to ensure that the issue doesn’t persist after the reinstallation process. This step involves uninstalling the game from your system and then reinstalling it, potentially rectifying any underlying problems that may have caused the issue. Remember to follow the installation instructions carefully and, once completed, assess whether the gaming experience has been restored to its optimal functionality.  However, players are reminded to check if the problem persists post-reinstallation.

Contact Support:

If you’re stuck and none of the earlier solutions worked, asking for help from support is a smart move. The people who make the game know that players can run into different problems, and they usually get back to you fast with solutions made just for your situation. So, don’t be shy to ask for help – their personalized assistance might be the thing that helps you fix any lingering issues in your gaming adventure.


In the changing world of early access games, Lethal Company reflects how the gaming industry keeps evolving. As you dive into this moonlit adventure, be ready for challenges like theLethal Company Files Not Loading/Corrupted problem. The solutions we share here give you tools to tackle these issues. You can explore these fixes based on how serious your problems are, embracing the teamwork spirit of early access gaming. Remember, your feedback shapes Lethal Company’s future, making sure everyone enjoys an even more exciting and smooth experience.

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