Lethal Company Eclipsed Weather: What Does It Mean?

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Have you heard about the latest sensation on Steam, the game called “Lethal Company”? It’s a spooky adventure where players team up to explore ancient moons. With over 100,000 people playing simultaneously, it has gained immense popularity and received glowing reviews from Steam users. The game’s appeal lies in its challenging and perilous nature, forcing players to carefully consider every decision they make in the virtual realm.

However, one significant obstacle stands in their way: the unpredictable weather. From fog and rain to floods and storms, the game throws various weather challenges at players. Among them, the most mysterious and spine-chilling is the Eclipsed Weather in Lethal Company. This unique weather system prevents players from repeatedly visiting the same locations, adding an extra layer of difficulty for those seeking a true gaming challenge. If players wish to discover the weather on a specific moon, they can use a special command located next to the moon’s name.

In this article, we’ll talk about the mysterious Eclipsed weather and give some tips for players who are brave enough to explore the dark moon in the eclipse’s shadow.

Lethal Company Eclipsed Weather: What Does It Mean?

Lethal Company has gained immense popularity on the gaming platform Steam due to its captivating gameplay and storyline. Players are drawn to its challenges, but progressing through the game can be quite intricate. The dark settings and menacing enemies pose threats, and to add to the complexity, players must also navigate through various weather conditions. Interestingly, the game does not explicitly outline the effects of these weather patterns, leaving players to discover them through gameplay.

Among the different weather conditions like Foggy, Rain, Flooded, Stormy, and more, Eclipsed stands out as a particularly daunting challenge players frequently encounter. Despite the game not providing explicit details about this weather type, players eventually discern its characteristics. However, spending too much time deciphering its nuances can be perilous. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that Eclipsed is one of the most frightening weather types in the game.

When Eclipsed takes effect, the moon remains shrouded in darkness, residing in the shadow of an eclipse. As you might have guessed, this has significant consequences – monsters swiftly emerge, possibly even outside the usual zones. Consequently, playing during an Eclipsed weather event significantly amplifies the difficulty level of the game, especially when navigating the moon terrain.

Strategic Advice for Players:

When confronted with a tough choice in the game, players must decide whether to play it safe by avoiding moons impacted by the eclipse effect or to dive into the darkness for a more challenging experience. Our advice is to be cautious. The difficulty of the challenge, combined with the limited rewards for taking the risk, makes opting for moons unaffected by the eclipse seem like the sensible option. Nonetheless, for those who crave excitement and want a real test of their gaming skills, confronting the eclipse directly is a valid choice. Just be ready for the monsters hiding in the shadows.


In conclusion, Lethal Company, the Eclipsed weather adds excitement and complexity to the game. Players need to understand the risks and rewards of this unique weather phenomenon to succeed. As you play, make smart choices, consider the challenges of the eclipse, and, most importantly, have fun. The game is always changing, and we can expect new weather challenges in future updates. The developers are pushing the limits of virtual gaming, so be ready for more thrilling and unpredictable weather conditions. Stay alert, stay informed, and enjoy the challenges and rewards of your virtual adventures in Lethal Company.

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