Learn Some Hacks Before Playing Online Ludo

Ludo is one of the craziest games today. Sometimes there are some basic and very important things you should know before you proceed to play online Ludo. In here you will learn some tricks that can help you and your friends & family to beat in this online game.

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Online ludo is an amazing modern rendition of a classic game. It’s been updated to suit today’s lifestyle, and it’s now possible to play on the go! Ludo has been brought back to life for everyone of all ages, so grab your friends and get ready for some serious fun. You’ll find this strategy-based board game that’s easy to access, filled with classic features, blended with some seriously cool graphics, and a whole lot of mind-blowing surprises! It’s non-stop action which means the excitement never ends! You can play against other players worldwide in classic or multiplayer mode, where you can opt for solo or team matches.

It is quite an unpredictable game, but your focus should still not be on the luck factor. Instead, always have good strategies in place because even if you’re terrible at it, ludo is still tremendously fun to play! While looking for ludo download, you must also be aware of the hacks to ace it, here are the ways to help you in your endeavor.

Stars Are A Safe Place To Be

The star marks on the board are the safest place where your opponent can’t attack you. Therefore, it would help to attain a safe place to minimize your opponent’s risks of being killed. Don’t leave stars carelessly. You should consider more than just your opponent’s ability to kill you because they may also have the chance to steal one of your stars, and there’s no point in being reckless. By staying away, you’ll know exactly when they’re coming across, so be ready!

Move Your Pieces Judiciously

As a player, you should try to open all the pieces as early as possible to have greater flexibility at your disposal. This will help pave the way for someone else to take your space and help start moving forward again. Moreover, all the pieces should be carefully opened as soon as you get the chance. If you focus on one or two pieces, you’ll have fewer options, resulting in bad progress. It can be tempting to focus on one strategy and go all in, but sometimes it’s better to wait and get an overall sense of the market, especially as new opportunities arise along the way. Having other options will help you find the right solution for your business!

Weigh On Probability And Possibilities

If a piece is the one that is escaping, keep it at least 6 squares away from the opponent’s piece. On the other hand, if you are chasing after an escaping piece, keep as much distance as possible between your pieces. This way, the opponent would have a hard time choosing which one to capture, and this would make it easier for you to take down one of them while they’re distracted!

Decrease the probability of your opponent getting the point and increase the probability of yourself getting the point if you are about to be captured by an opponent. At the end of a round (when it’s time to run) and you are using more than one piece to do so, keep them away from each other by three pieces or more.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

If you choose between multiple opponents, a good strategy is to focus on those who are placed in uncomfortable positions. If the piece that you need to capture is your only option, take it no matter what. The opponent’s piece is the farthest ahead of you should be your target for attack. While, if a pawn is at your home base, but it’s still far behind, leave it alone to not take a risk as it could turn out as a loss.

Don’t Fall Prey To Silly Mistakes

Figuring out a strategy, shifting pieces around, and strategizing about how the game will progress can take time, and sometimes it helps if you aren’t stuck with the same pieces in front of you while trying to plan your next move. Forgetting to kill or lose track of certain pieces within the playing area isn’t logical; therefore, it needs not be repeated!

Always ensure that all of your pieces are placed correctly whenever you want to position them because having all the right pieces is only going to get in the way of someone else’s success if they don’t have an immediate understanding of how each one interacts with their opponents’ pieces on board. Be wary, though – not everyone is cut out to play professionally, so beware of making silly mistakes like forgetting to pay attention!

Try To Control Your Timings Of Throwing Dice

Some players have come across this, and it’s important to mention that one shouldn’t experiment or presume to know that much about the dice-throwing proceedings. People aware of the timings end up losing their games because they don’t understand the ‘Algorithm’ which goes into deciding when a person is supposed to roll dice towards their opponent’s board. For example: If you have played 4-5 times quickly in a row, then take your time to roll the dice in the next chance and vice-versa.

Opt For calculated Risks

When playing against more than one opponent, think about that when assessing the risks involved. For example, leaving your star point with all three of your opponents will be 3 times riskier than leaving the star point where only one opponent resides.

Strategize Your Gameplay

The setting of ludo is simple , however, if your goal is to be aggressive and take big risks, then you should attack an opponent mercilessly until they can’t handle the iron-fisted rules that govern your battlefield. If you plan to be conservative and work towards a safer victory without sacrificing pieces, then there’s nothing wrong with that too! In a nutshell, the most important thing is that before every match begins, you know exactly what type of player you want to be at the end because it will help influence everything from opening moves to final checkmate or stalemate!

Final Words

Ludo is full of fun and suspense, and to win this game, one needs some foolproof strategies to stay aloof from opponents. These hacks will help you enhance your gameplay and optimize your winning rate. Happy playing!

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