League of Legends “A critical error has occurred” Issue On Windows 11: Here What You Can Do?

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There are more than 100 million people playing League of Legends (LoL) game on PC. And the number is increasing day by day. Many gamers are trying the game using Microsoft Windows 11. There are many users across the world who are facing error “A critical error has occurred” while they are playing the game on Windows 11. If you are also facing the same problem while trying to play LoL on it, then this guide will surely help you out.

How To Fix League of Legends “A critical error has occurred” On Windows 11?

It is also quite common to receive “A critical Error has occurred” message while playing League of Legends on windows 11. However, there are some simple solutions which you could try in order to get rid of this problem.

Solution#1 – Ending Unnecessary Tasks From Task Manager:

“A critical error has occurred” in LoL could come from a variety of reason. And among those reason, the one could be task manager. This error occurs during game play when your PC does not have enough RAM for all the programs running on it. The best way to fix this is by cleaning up the RAM third-party applications take up while you’re gaming, since League of Legends (LoL) consumes a significant amount of the memory on your PC. Here how you can do it.

Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to open the task manager and end all RiotGames and League of Legends related processes. It is also a good idea to close any applications that might overlay the screen while playing League of Legends.

Solution#2 – Modifying Compatibility Properties Windows 11

League of Legends’s “A critical error has occurred” could be occur on Win 11 happens due to not changing the compatibility properties of the game. The easiest way to fix this error could be by changing the Compatibility properties for League of Legends on Windows 11. Look at below follow the instruction we are talking about.

To access the properties for the League of Legends launcher, right-click it. Make sure Disable fullscreen optimizations is checked in the Compatibility tab. Once you have done that, click on Run as Administrator.

Solution#3 – Update Your Graphics Drivers and Windows To The Latest Version:

If you’re still having the problem, try updating your graphics drivers. There are a lot of players who “A critical error has occurred” Issue on Windows 11 PC. Several dedicated LoL players recommend found that updating your graphics drivers and Windows to the latest version fixes this error on most PCs. Many players miss this point, but it’s the most simple.

To update your Graphic Driver to the latest version, go to the GeForce Experience or AMD Driver Suite on Windows PC and from their Update it to its latest version. To update Windows to its latest version, Search “Update” in search bar and Open “Check for update”. Here you can check the latest available update by clicking on it.

Solution#4 – Delete the suspected folders:

You should try another fix for this annoying error by deleting the suspected folders. Here are some steps you can follow on Windows 11 to delete it.

You need to open your File Explorer and locate the drive on which you saved League of Legends. The League of Legends folder is usually located in C > Program Files > Riot Games > VALORANT > League of Legends. You can also copy this address from here paste it in windows explore. You will need to delete the Config and DATA folders in the League of Legends folder. Don’t worry, you won’t be affected negatively.

Solution#5 – Allow League Of Legends On Your Windows Firewall

Sometimes this error can be caused by your Windows firewall. Many time people get stuck with this error when their firewall is blocking League of Legends from running—you can find a guide on how to unblock it here .

You should check whether any third-party antivirus software is blocking parts of the game’s code. For this reason, to ensure League of Legends will not be blocked, open the “Firewall & Network Protection” system settings window (search on Windows’ search bar) > Click on the Allow an app through firewall option and click on Change settings. You may have to browse for the game from the main folder of the game if you do not find it on this list.

This guide will help you fix critical errors on windows that cause the League of Legends client and game to crash, and any other issues you may be having with your LOL.

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