Jeweled Key Across The Obelisk Guide: How To Unlock Zek?

jeweled key across the obelisk

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Across the Obelisk combines elements of fantasy role-playing into its story mode. It is a rogue-lite deckbuilding game. Moreover, the game allows cooperative play, with players able to choose heroes from a variety of groups. These groups include warriors, scouts, mages, and healers. This guide will explain how to unlock Zek into your primary ally while playing the game of Across the Obelisk. As you progress through the games quests, you will unlock new cards, construct your own decks, and face strong opponents. Of course, you will also need allies during quests, and Zek is one of them.

Across The Obelisk Jeweled Key Guide: How To Unlock Zek

When playing the Across the obelisk, you will need to go to the Main Road node during Act 1. By doing this, you will be able to unlock Zek in Across the Obelisk. Due to different dialogue options and story options for rare or epic events, under node you should make sure that it has the text “Grave on the road” written on it.

To gain access to the Jeweled Key, you will have to select the [Profane] option as soon as you reach the location. It is essential that you are aware of the fact that this will result in a fight between the sheep and the key can only be obtained if you defeat them.

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After you have buried the chest, move to the blue portal marked on the map. In order to unlock the sewer outlet node on the map, proceed to the blue portal and use the Jeweled Key.

The key needs to be handed over to Zek by choosing the option with the Jeweled key next to it: Enter or Leave.


Due to its combination of deckbuilder and roguelike genres, Across the Obelisk exhibits many hallmarks of both, including distinctions between characters where some excel in one area while lacking in another. Here are the steps you need to follow to unlock Zek and add him to your team as an ally. Now that you have completed these steps, we hope you are able to unlock Zek. Happy Gaming!

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