Is Cookie Cutter Steam Deck Support Available? Everything You Need To Know

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Cookie Cutter, the visually striking 2D Metroidvania game released on December 15, 2023, has enthralled players with its intense gameplay. As Steam Deck gains popularity, a question arises – does Cookie Cutter support Steam Deck? Let’s find out.

Overview of Cookie Cutter

With its gripping narrative and distinctive art style, Cookie Cutter has received positive reviews. Players explore a dystopian world as Cherry, an android protagonist, seeking revenge. Its fast-paced action and hand-drawn aesthetics make it a potential fit for the portable Steam Deck.

Is Cookie Cutter Steam Deck Support Available?

As of now, Cookie Cutter does not carry Valve’s official Steam Deck verified badge. According to official channels, the game has not been tested and verified to work seamlessly on the Steam Deck. This means that out-of-the-box support currently remains unconfirmed.

Cookies Cutter

The gaming community eagerly awaits official verification, hoping to unleash Cherry’s quest for revenge on the portable powerhouse Steam Deck. While the wait continues, lack of the badge does not outright imply the game won’t function on the device. Clever workarounds exist, providing hope.

Workarounds Grant Potential Playability

Thanks to community-driven testing and compatibility layers like Proton, games without Steam Deck verification can sometimes run on the device. As shared by developers, Cookie Cutter reportedly runs smoothly on the Steam Deck’s native OS for most players. This indicates the game may adapt well without the need for Proton.

For users facing occasional hitching or stuttering, Proton could potentially solve the issue. So while official channels remain unclear, workaround testing reveals Cookie Cutter may deliver an enjoyable and hassle-free experience on the Steam Deck after all.

The Verdict:

In summary, while Cookie Cutter still awaits official Steam Deck verification, preliminary testing sparks cautious optimism. Clever workarounds point towards the possibility of smooth playability on the go. However, some instability remains likely. As developers continue optimizing the game, the chances of seamless Steam Deck support improve.

For now, enthusiasts of the intense hand-drawn adventure can explore running Cookie Cutter on the portable Steam Deck through community tips and tricks. Official updates remain highly anticipated. The game shows immense promise to become a stellar addition to Steam Deck libraries.

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