Hyena Mod For Lethal Company: Here’s How To Download And Install It

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Lethal Company has quickly cultivated a passionate fanbase drawn to its intense action gameplay and gritty tactical missions. However, some creative players are putting their own spin on the game with goofy mods that inject some lighthearted absurdity between all the explosions and gunfights. One such Hyena Mod garnering attention lets you ditch the serious spec-ops soldiers and instead suit up as a chuckling pack of hyenas! Read this guide to transform yourself and your squadmates into these hysterical creatures for your next sortie. Install this wild Hyena Mod to unlock an amusing new way to play.

What The Hyena Mod Offers?

Lethal Company built its reputation on delivering a grounded and gritty experience centered around coordinated special forces operators carrying out perilous operations. However, the game’s popularity has spurred a thriving modding community seeking to expand beyond those constraints. Mods allow fans to tap into the game’s code and assets to creatively modify or enhance the experience through custom skins, levels, mechanics, and more based on their own whimsical ideas. One particularly popular cosmetic mod making the rounds in the community transforms your entire spec-ops squad into a pack of wild hyenas!

This clever Hyena Mod replaces character models with various hyena designs. Instead of elite soldiers, you and your cohorts appear as a pack of cackling animals. The concept brings a whimsical silliness that contrasts the game’s usually serious tone.

Players are loving the opportunity to take on missions as these quirky creatures. Running around with friends as a band of beasts offers new possibilities to explore the game world. With different hyena looks to choose from, customizing your pack is enjoyable too. There’s no doubt this is a must-try mod for those seeking a unique twist on Lethal Company.

How To Download And Install Lethal Company Hyena Mod?

Alright, enough background! Let’s dig into actually installing this marvelous mod to become the hyena herd. The process is straightforward, but does require setting up supporting mods first for full functionality:

First up is BepInEx Pack, an essential tool that allows Lethal Company to interface with new mods smoothly. Start by downloading the latest version from their GitHub page, then extract and transfer the full contents directly into your main Lethal Company folder, right next to the game’s executable file. Now launch Lethal Company, which triggers BepInEx to automatically configure itself for first-time integration with the game. Give it a few minutes for the setup process to conclude.

With the framework successfully installed, next comes a handy moderator called 2018-LC_API. This stabilizes communication flows between mods and Lethal Company to prevent conflicts or crashes. Download 2018-LC_API, extract the contents, then go into the “Plugins” subfolder and take the .dll file found inside. Transfer that single .dll file over to the new “Plugins” folder that BepInEx generated within its home directory in your Lethal Company folder.

With those two mods providing a solid foundation, boot up Lethal Company again briefly to confirm no issues before moving onto…

The Hyena Mod itself! Download via Thunderstore then extract the package. Copy over all included files directly into the BepInEx folder now integrated within Lethal Company’s file structure. Approve merging any duplicate BepInEx folders to consolidate mod content.

And that’s it! With this wild mod installed, your next mission will feature your squad shockingly transformed into a pack of unruly hyenas! Feel free to further customize your creatures through the in-game menu. Then have delightfully destructive fun storming bases, blazing weapons, and cackling chaos as this raucous ragtag regiment!

Risk Of Community Mod

Before letting completely loose, do remain cautiously optimistic with any mod implementation. While the Hyena mod creates new avenues for entertainment through its unconventional premise, modding does carry inherent risks. Be sure to backup your Lethal Company files securely beforehand in case issues emerge. Monitor for erratic behaviors, crashes or conflicts. If challenges arise with the Hyena or support mods, promptly uninstall and restore from backup to revert to vanilla stability.

Overall though, user reports on the Hyena Mod have been overwhelmingly positive so far! When set up properly, this imaginative mod unlocks a wealth of new possibilities for memorable multiplayer moments in Lethal Company’s harsh battlefield environments. Stay vigilant, but otherwise eagerly look forward to embracing your inner animal spirit along your merry band of misbehaving mammals!

Hopefully this guide gets your own hyena herd up and running rampant soon! For more Lethal Company mod recommendations and coverage, be sure to visit themrpc.com gaming section. Happy hunting out there agents!

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