Huawei Petal Search App v11.0.1.303 is rolling out with new visual design and feature

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Huawei is rolling out a new update, v11.0.1.303 for Petal Search application. The latest update brings a more elegant and professional looking design for the Petal search application. It includes a new Petal search Logo with search bar and search icon. It also includes voice search hand scan features. It brings a new “top selection” feature in which you can select your favourite category for getting news feeds about. Petal assistant provides you with great recommendations for your searches. In the Petal assistant tab, it shows current weather report and Recommendation about the moments happening. It also makes it easy to revisit recent pages you are hanging on. There is a dedicated recent tab where you can revisit your page history easily.

In the profile tab, you can see the number of options such as Search history, Collections, and Downloads. There are also some other option in this tab which is given below:

  • Incognito mode
  • Privacy center
  • Settings
  • Online support
  • Feedback
  • About

Changelog: v11.0.1303

  • New visual design and more user-friendly experience
  • Petal Assistant provides you with great recommendations
  • Search local services with ease
  • Display the pages you’ve recently browsed

*Support for the above features varies per region.


Petal Search puts the world in the palm of your hand. Search for your interests by text, visual and voice with our state-of-the-art technology.

Petal Search offers:

  • App recommendations and searches
  • Daily weather forecasts and top news
  • Live sports scores and schedules
  • Video, image, and music searches
  • Financial news and stock market updates
  • Security protection

How to find apps more easily

1. Pinch the home screen inwards with two fingers

2. Tap Widgets.

3. Swipe left to scroll through the available widgets. You can find Petal Search.

4. Tap and hold on the widget you wish to use (Petal Search bar).

5. Position it on the home screen and then lift your finger to place it.

6. Tap the Home Key

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