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How To Start WordPress Blog and Earn Money : 2019 Step By Step Guide

How to earn money online? How to start a WordPress blog? This are very common questions.

In today time, Everyone wants to earn money through internet by sitting at home. And many of them generating a very good amount of income right now. There are plenty of ways to earn money through the internet and out of those “Blogging” is very popular.

Yes..!!  You heard right, Blogging the best answer to this question that is “How to earn money from home?” Blogging is a great way to make money online at home. For this, you have to make a website in which you put your thought, share your knowledge in front of the world. To make a Blog, you do not need to know about the coding. You only need to use WordPress.

In this article, I will show you how to make a Professional WordPress blog in step by step. First of all, You should know some basic information about WordPress. So, the first question is ” what is WordPress? ” 

WordPress is an Online tool for making websites and blog. It is written in PHP and MySQL language and made by Matt Mullenweg and launched on 17 May 2003. WordPress is the very popular name and if you know nothing about coding then you can choose WordPress for making a website or blog as per your preference.

Now, Come to the topic. If you want to make money online from the blog then you have to remember some steps and requirements for establishing your blog and to make some or can say big profit through it. Let’s get it that to setup it.

Step 1: – Buy a Domain For Your Blog

This is the very first step you have to do in the process of making your blog.  The domain is the name for your blog like mine is “”. Similarly, you have to pick a name for the blog. To buy a Domain, there are many domain registrars that register a domain name for you like,,, etc.

Out of these, is a very popular website in India. You have to go to these sites and have to register your domain for 1 year or 2 years or more as per your choice. later you can extend the validity of your domain by paying some money.

Step 2: – Buy Hosting Plan

After buying the domain name, the next important step is to buy a hosting plan for your website. Web Hosting is a space on the internet that you have to buy where you can save your file, documents. Like the domain, there are also many websites that provide hosting services for blog and websites. These are,, and many more.

It is a bit costly than the domain but it is essential. It also includes 1 year, 2 year or more year plans. You can choose what is best for you. Later you can also extend the validity by some amount.

Step 3: – Connect Domain Name with DNS Server

After purchasing Domain name and Hosting, you have to connect these two so that your blog or website can go online. So to do this, you have to connect your domain name with DNS server. For this, you have to go the Domain management page. Here, You have to change DNS of your domain with the DNS of your Web Hosting.

Step 4: – Installing the WordPress

Now, after connecting with DNS server you have to install WordPress. When you buy your hosting, you have given a control panel from where you can control your website. You will receive an email from your hosting service in which you receive a link to your control panel or you can directly see it on your dashboard from where you bought your hosting. You can see the screenshot below.

Here, you have to put your User Name and Password. Remember, do not share this username and password with anyone. After it, you have to install WordPress. For this, Click Softaculous and install WordPress.

Follow these steps: –
  • Click Softaculous Apps Installer
  • Click on WordPress
  • Click install
  • Put your Domain Name
  • After it, as per your choice put your Admin User Name and Admin Password
  • Save installation


Step 5: – Open Your WordPress Blog

Now, your WordPress blog is ready. You have to click Admin URL form where you can log in into WordPress Blog. You can found this URL just above the “Save Installation Details”. Click on it and a new popup will appear, here you will put your Username and Password. These are those you created in above step 4.

So, you should remember your Username, Password, and your Admin URL. These three things you should always remember.

Step 6: – Install Themes in Your Blog

This is last but not the least. You can install themes and make more beautiful and attractive. You find a number of free themes across the internet and your WordPress Dashboard as well. you can also buy premium themes from various sources on the internet.

If you are new and have a very low budget then I will suggest you go for free themes. For this click Appearance on your WordPress Dashboard click Themes and choose whatever theme you can like, install it and activate it.

That’s It, All Done..!!

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