How to see the saved passwords in chrome

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When ever you surf on the web through your any browser i:e Google Chrome, it can offer to save passwords for virtually. It is just for the purpose to save your time and make your work easy. Hence, when you return to the same website, you will see that your credentials will fill in automatically for a quicker sign in experience.

While saving passwords in the web program like Google Chrome or any other browser is an advantageous element, once in a while you may need to review the password to change it, or considering the way that you need to login to same website page on another device.

Whatever the reason is, because it changes from the user to user. So, if you can’t remember or forget the specific password for the web programs like; Microsoft Edge, Chrome, these browsers includes quick access to see and delete saved passwords inside the program settings on Windows 10. So, let’s see how to find saved passwords on chrome in below guide.

In this guide, we will let you know to view the password for a website you have stored in Google Chrome. Just follow the steps:

1). Open Google Chrome, click on three dots on the top right corner on the browser and go to the settings. To make it more easy type “chrome://settings/” in the browser URL box and enter the browser settings.

2). Now, under the “Autofill” section, click the Passwords option. You can do this by typing chrome://settings/passwords in the URL box of the Google Chrome browser.

3). Under the “Saved passwords” section, click the eye button to show password credential for the website you want to remember.

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4). Now to showcase your saved password for the web browser to need to confirm your Windows 10 account password. Just put your Windows 10 account password here.

Once you complete these processes, the password credential will be uncovered for the web pages.

Here, in the “Passwords” section, you additionally observe a list of the sites you decided not to save passwords. But let’s say in the future, in the event that you alter your perspective and need Google chrome to save the password once more, you can delete the site from this list.

Besides, inside this page, you’ll discover the choice to choose whether the browser should offer to save passwords on sites you sign in, and you can even enable or disable an option to allow automatic sign-in of Google Chrome on websites.

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