How To Install Lethal Company “Lethal Players Mod”?

Step-by-Step Guide on Installing the 'Lethal Players Mod' for Lethal Company: A Simple Tutorial for Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

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Lethal Company is an amazing video game that combines the fun of playing together with friends and the spooky feeling of searching for things in dark places with scary creatures. Even though it’s called a survival horror game, it goes beyond what you might expect. It’s not just scary, it’s also really fun. The game has some scary parts, but it’s not too much, so it’s only a little bit unsettling. Lethal Company has lots of creative situations that can lead to funny and surprising ways to lose in the game, making it even more exciting to play.

But there’s a downside – you can only play with three friends in the co-op mode. as the community grew, so did the desire for a larger co-op adventure beyond the constraints of the official 4-player lobby. This might disappoint the fifth person in your CS2 or Valorant squad. Playing with more friends makes the game even better. Luckily, there’s a solution called the Lethal Players mod, created by modders. Lethal Players mod, a solution crafted by the gaming community to break free from the limitations imposed by Zeekerss. Interested in learning more? Keep reading

Introducing The Lethal Players Mod In Lethal Company:

The modding group is really good at making games even more fun, and the Lethal Players mod proves how much they care. This mod is like a symbol of hope for people who want to play together with more friends. It goes beyond what Zeekerss did and lets players have bigger game groups, way more than the usual limit. Now, up to 50 players can team up in Lethal Company, making the game super awesome.

Lobby Expansion Mods Overview: How To Install Lethal Company “Lethal Players Mod”?

Making game lobbies bigger has become really common in the gaming world. It lets players team up for more fun adventures. Normally, Lethal Company game lobbies can only have four players. But thanks to modders, there are now mods to make the lobbies bigger. Among many choices, the Lethal Players mod is the best. It blends into the game perfectly and has cool features, making it the top pick for anyone who wants an awesome co-op experience. Here’s a simple guide on how to install the “Lethal Player Mod”

Step-by-Step “Lethal Player Mod” Installation Guide In Lethal Company:

Now, let’s get down to business. To unlock the full potential of the Lethal Players mod, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Necessary Files:
  2. Accessing Lethal Company in Steam:
    • Right-click on Lethal Company in your Steam library.
    • Choose ‘Manage’ and then ‘Browse Local Files’ to locate the game’s installation directory.
  3. Installing BepInEx:
    • Extract the BepInEx folder, .dll, and .ini files into the Lethal Company folder.
  4. Adding LC API:
    • Extract LC API, locate the BepInEx folder, copy the plugins folder, and paste it into the game’s installation directory.
  5. Implementing Lethal Players Mod:
    • Unzip the Lethal Players mod, copy the .dll file, and paste it into the BepInEx/plugins folder.
  6. Verification and Enjoyment:
    • Ensure the mod is successfully installed for a lobby capacity of up to 50 players.


In summary, even though the process of setting up the Lethal Players mod might seem a bit complicated, the benefits you get from it are really great. This mod not only lets you play with more than 4 players but also opens up a lot of exciting possibilities for your gaming adventures. As you start using this mod, make sure to check out additional guides and updates on to make your gaming experience even better. We hope this guide has helped you in making your Lethal Company experience more expansive. Keep an eye out for upcoming guides and updates on as we explore more about the gaming world together. Have a great time gaming!

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