How to Increase Your Pokemon Storage in Pokemon GO: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon GO just gave players more room for their Pokemon and items. During the GO Fest in August 2023, they added 500 extra slots. Now, you can store up to 6,800 Pokemon, up from 6,300, but your item storage went down from 5,800 to 5,300. Since players find lots of Pokemon, having enough space is crucial for collecting. This update lets players stock up on resources and Pokemon. Niantic increased storage for upcoming events to help Pokemon GO players. This article will guide you on how to expand your Pokemon Storage.

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With the growing roster of capturable Pokemon in Pokemon GO, storage capacity has become an important consideration for players aiming to amass an extensive collection. Luckily, Niantic recently increased the maximum number of Pokemon that can be stored, giving trainers more flexibility in their quests to catch ‘em all. These came in GO Fest that was in August 2023. Players had an additional 500 Pokemon as well as item slots. Now you’re ready to put in a few more of those Pocket Monsters that you like and several additional useful items!

Here’s the lowdown on the changes: Slots for Pokemon Storage were increased from 6,300 to 6,800 slots. But hold on, there’s a surprise! Surprisingly, this item “Bag Storage” decreased in weight from 5,800 slots to 5,300 slots. However, it is no accidental choice. With the aim of improving our gaming experience, the guys at Niantic, who design Pokemon GO, had intentionally done it well.

Why does it matter? Well, on your Pokemon journey, you encounter many Pokemon, so having enough storage is important. It’s not just for collectors but also for players to easily organize their stuff in the game. Niantic is preparing us for upcoming Pokemon GO additions and challenges by increasing storage. Stay with us, and we’ll guide you on maximizing these new limits.

Pokemon GO – Expand Your In-Game Pokemon Storage to the Maximum Limit

The storage limit in Pokemon GO has been increased, jumping from 6,800 to 7,300, providing players with an additional 500 slots to accommodate their Pokemon. With this boost, you now have the capacity to house an extra 500 diverse species in your collection. This expanded capability proves especially useful for storing both male and female Pokemon, as well as those with distinct forms such as Genesect and Castform. Trainers can now retain their beloved monsters and, at the same time, have ample space to capture and add new ones to their collection.

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Expanding Storage : How to Increase Your Pokemon Storage in Pokemon GO

Expanding your Pokemon storage in Pokemon GO means getting more slots from the in-game shop. Trainers can buy 50 extra spaces for 200 Pokecoins, and to reach the max of 500 spots, it takes 2000 Coins.

If you start with the base 300 Pokemon Storage, getting to the new limit will cost you over 28,000 coins. While spending real money on Coins is a quick way to expand, there’s a free method too.

Pokecoin prices aren’t the same worldwide, so some trainers might pay more than others. To boost your Coin count, you can buy two bundles of 14,500 Pokecoins for a total of 29,000. This hefty sum can max out your Pokemon Storage. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend real money, you can earn free coins by having a Pokemon guard a Gym, up to 50 coins per day. But beware, if your guarding Pokemon gets defeated on the same day, you get nothing.

Take Advantage of Increased Limits

The bigger storage in Pokemon GO lets super fans become real-life Pokédexes with all kinds of Pokemon. Now, you can keep both the regular and shiny versions of most Pokemon without stressing about deleting any. This isn’t just for collectors; battlers can also make use of the extra space to build powerful teams against tough opponents.

To sum it up, Niantic is making it easier for players with different Pokemon goals. They’ve increased the max Pokemon storage from 6,800 to 7,300, their most generous move yet. So, take this chance to tidy up your collection, keep the best, and transfer the rest. If you spend some Pokécoins on expanding your storage, you can make the most of the new limits. For more Pokemon GO tips, check out

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