NBA 2K22: How To Fix The Problem Of “MyPlayer Loading Screen Loop”

Every NBA 2K gamer, once in a while, will get stuck on the loading screen after selecting "MyPlayer. This has been a very common issue. If you're having this problem, We'll show you how to fix it. With a couple of simple steps, you can play NBA 2K22 hassle free.

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NBA 2K is the most popular sports game over the past few years. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s competing with Madden – a more mainstream game. However, despite its popularity, latest released NBA 2K22 game is having some problems. Although this is not something I’m fond of, there are issues related to game launch every now and then. The issue is well-known for NBA 2K22, one of the widely played basketball simulation games. It’s been just a few days since the launch of NBA 2K22, and many players are facing an error that slows them down from playing the game. Many NBA2K22 players are facing an issue that prevents them from playing the game. The issue is called the “MyPlayer Loading Screen Loop”.

If this is so, you’re not the only one with this problem. Actually, there are thousands of NBA 2K22 players that are all facing the same issue. This article will help you figure out how to solve the issue.

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NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is an NBA-themed video game developed by Virtual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the 23rd installment in the NBA Franchise, and it is available for almost every major gaming platform. As is the case with most titles that are released every year, NBA 2K22 is an updated version of its predecessor. Thus, there are plenty of improvements that have been made to this game. Some were minor, while some were major. NBA 2K22 is the game that has seen the most improvement over NBA 2K21. These improvements can be found in areas such as graphics, game mode, MyCareer mode, and other features that would interest players regardless of their level of involvement in this great game.

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How To Fix NBA 2K22 “MyPlayer Loading Screen Loop” Error

MyPlayer is one of the game modes in NBA 2K22. To enter the game, first you should enter the main menu, after which you can choose “MyPlayer” option. When you will do so, the loading screen will probably show up. Just like other players, many users are also experiencing this issue. When players select the “MyPlayer” option in the game, they are stuck at the loading screen. This option causes their loading to continuously loop once they select it. If you are also among those who are stuck at MyPlayer Loading screen, then read on to know how to avoid it.

You can either go back or restart the NBA 2K22, when it’s stuck on MyPlayer infinite loading screen. Be sure not to go directly to the “MyPlayer” option. As an alternative, you can select “MyTeam” and open a random card or just do random things. Your main menu will refresh and you can now navigate to “MyPlayer”. When you follow all the steps listed above, you will notice you are no longer stuck at the loading screen.

We hope this guide on “NBA 2K22 My Player Loading Screen Loop” helped you to get rid of the issue. If you have any doubts or questions, reach out to us via the comment section below or at our social media pages.

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