How To Fix Halo Infinite Matchmaking Not Working Issue? Simple Guide

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Halo Infinite is probably the biggest video game release of 2021, and numerous people are eagerly waiting to play it. After the incredible success of Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries already announced the future of the game franchise with Halo Infinite. A new big step in the series is the new Engine, Slipspace Engine. The engine, developed by internal team members of 343 Industries, will also go beyond the “next-gen” capabilities after its launch with Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, the newly launched title is not working for many gamers due to different factors. Quite a few Halo Infinite players are facing issues like the incompatible operating system error, DirectX 12 issue and crashes at startup.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is not working well for many users. This is why they’re looking for a solution to fix Halo infinite matchmaking not working error. While the developer will roll out an update in the coming days, there are things that you can do to fix this problem on your end.

How To Fix Halo Infinite Matchmaking Not Working Issue

Halo Infinite matchmaking, not working issue is one of the major issues in the game. There are many reasons why Halo infinite matchmaking not working. You can find most of them in the list below. If you are one of those who is facing the matchmaking issues, you should know how to fix it. So, let’s get started!

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Make sure your Internet connection is working

Before trying anything, use the troubleshooting method that has worked for many players. Infinity Multiplayer’s online functionality is reliant on your Internet connection. The Internet connection tests are regularly used by developers to identify connection related issues with the game, so can be helpful if you are facing matchmaking issues or similar problems.

Once you detect that there exists some sort of hiccup with the game performance, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your internet connection isn’t responsible for it. I know it seems like an obvious answer, but if you remember just how bad matchmaking can be in this title, then you understand what I mean.

In order to join the matchmaking queue, you must have fast internet. If the internet speed is unstable, you need to turn off your router, restart it, and try again. If your connection is experiencing any problems, contact your ISP and have it adjusted if necessary.

You need to restart Halo Infinite

One of the most common fixes to many bugs including halo infinite matchmaking not working issue is restarting the game. It may help you to fix the halo infinite matchmaking, not working issue without any hassle.

If you’re having trouble with Halo Infinite , simply reboot the device and try again. Restarting will clear away any problems that have built up while playing, so you can restart from scratch.

Check the Halo Infinite server status

Check the Halo Infinite server status to find out if there’s a problem and when the server issues will be fixed. There are a lot of online games out there, but none quite as popular as Halo Infinite. With so many people vying for a spot on the servers during high-traffic hours, things can get a little bit hectic. Servers going down means you can’t play until they’re back up. If you’re trying to join the matchmaking queue, you may encounter difficulties due to server issues.

Matchmaking Glitch

Sometimes, there are technical issues with online games. It’s not uncommon for these games to have bugs and glitches, but it’s up to the game developers to fix them. If you’re playing Halo Infinite and you’re getting stuck at a loading screen or if the game keeps freezing, exit out of the game and restart it.

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to the support via Twitter at @Halo_Support. Contact Support if you need more assistance.


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