How To Fix God of War Ragnarok Crashing With Error Code CE-108255-1 On PS4 & PS5?

Having trouble playing Ragnarok on your PS4 or PS5? Is your game crashing constantly? Then read this guide. This guide will help you fix Crashing in God of War Ragnarok .

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As of today, the much anticipated God of War Ragnarok game for the PS4 and PS5 systems has been released and it has received the majority of positive reviews from critics and players alike. Among the highest-rated video games of all time, God of War Ragnarok earned a Metacritic rating of 94. There are multiple reasons to praise God of War and even though the game has existed for almost 17 years, it has become arguably one of the biggest flagships of the PlayStation platform. However, it is unfortunate that some PS5 owners are having issues with GOW Ragnarok, and this is preventing them from fully enjoying the game. As surprising as it may seem, many users are experiencing God of War Ragnarok Crashing with error code CE-108255-1 when trying to play the game.

God of War Ragnarok: How To Fix Crashing Error CE-108255-1 Error CE-108255-1 On PS4 & PS5?

No matter which way you look at it, there is no denying that God of War Ragnarok is one of the best video games available at the moment. As one of the most engaging video games that you’ve ever played, this one tells a story that’s not only engaging but will have you running through the full spectrum of emotions during the time you’re playing it. If you are a fan of God of War 2018, then this 2022 version of God of War will also be a great game for you, since it is one of the best adventure games you can play to date.

It is a pleasant experience to fight against the enemies of the realms, but there are enough new elements in the game to make it stand on its own and not feel like a carbon copy of the previous game.

In terms of the quality of this game, it is a game that can easily compete with other games from this year for the title of best game. I believe this is an outstanding tribute to the fans of God of War and a masterpiece that will remain in the hearts and minds of everyone who plays it.

Nevertheless, this can only be achieved if all players are able to enjoy the game to maximum levels of enjoyment without experiencing any bugs, errors or crashes that may occur. Here are all the possible causes and solutions to a game Crashing Error CE-108255-1 on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Having said that, let’s begin now.

Solution 1: Restart Your PS4/PS5

In case you are experiencing any problems with your game, as well as your console, then restarting your PS4/PS5 is the most effective and easiest method for you to solve the problem. Whenever you restart your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you will be able to resolve short-term issues with your system as well as your game at the same time.

To prevent this from happening, it is always recommended to completely shut down your PlayStation. Once the console has been completely turned off, turn off the power socket, and turn it back on after about 60 seconds. By doing this, your PlayStation will get a fresh start, ensuring that you’ll have no issues.

Solution 2: Update The Game To Latest Version

In-game issues are not uncommon with new games, so it is pretty obvious that God of War Ragnarok will be no different. The first thing you should do if you are experiencing error CE-108255-1 in God of War Ragnarok is to update your copy. A new game usually has issues like crashing, freezing, stuttering, and many more. To fix these issues, developers release frequent updates. This can also be a solution to God of War Ragnarok crashing with error code CE-108255-1 issues on your PlayStation console.

Solution 3: Make Sure That PlayStation Is Up To Date

Next, It is also possible that your PlayStation may have an older version of firmware and this will result in your God of War Ragnarok game crashing with error code CE-108255-1. It is advisable to check if the PlayStation has an updated version available for your system. Please install the new update if it is available because it might contain a patch that will solve your problem with the crashing and error code that you are encountering when playing God Of War Ragnarok.

Solution 4: It Could Be Some Hardware Issues

There have been a few instances where PlayStation 5 error CE-108255-1 has occurred due to a hardware failure. A faulty piece of hardware is most likely responsible if the error appears in every game, causing the console to stop functioning regularly.

Solution 5: Clear Cache And Rebuild Database

If you are experiencing any issues with game performance on your PlayStation 5, it could be due to the fact that the cache on your system has become corrupted. If this happens, the games for your PlayStation could not load properly and you will see God of War Ragnarok crashing with the error code CE-108255-1.

Caches store temporary data and files on your PS4 or PS5, but over time they can fill up and cause problems. It is always possible that from time to time your game files’ cache might become corrupt for no apparent reason, and that can be extremely frustrating. As a result, any game or app that is running on your computer may display errors as a result.

In order to keep the PS5 running smoothly, you will need to clear the PS5’s cache. The PS5 is very good at holding data, but it can fill up quickly with many games and other things. If you don’t do this, you could miss out on important information. The good news is that we can examine the database for errors and repair it if there is a problem.

Solution 6: Reinstall GOW Ragnarok

When none of the above solutions prove successful, the next step is to reinstall the game. The game should be reinstalled to the PlayStation’s internal drive if it was previously installed to an external drive. After following the above steps, you can now sit back and enjoy God Of War Ragnarok on PS5 and PS4. Besides this game guide, we offer a number of other genres of gaming guides that you may find useful. If you would like to read more of these types of articles, check out our “game guides”.


In God Of War Ragnarok, the story takes a number of twists and turns as it darts from loud spectacle to tender conversation, with tricks and misdirection, making it a captivating experience. Thor and Odin are fresh characterisations of Norse gods, with plenty of dialogue between them. If there were no Crashing issues with God Of War Ragnarok, it would be more enjoyable. Last but not least, we hope that this article was able to solve the God Of War Ragnarok Crashing Error CE-108255-1 issue on PS5 and PS4, allowing you to continue enjoying this fantastic game. Happy Gaming!

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