How To Fix Forza Horizon (FH) 5 No Audio Issue ? Simple Guide

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Forza Horizon (FH) 5 players are getting No Audio Issue while playing the game. The game has a little glitch, which you will have to fix before you can fully enjoy it. Forza Horizon 5 is a gorgeous, open-world racing game with plenty of content for car lovers to enjoy. People are already calling it a massive hit of the year. It has a large selection of cars and drivers, a robust campaign, and a variety of different races to choose from. However, it’s important to note that Still, there are a lot of bugs and issues in the game. It has been reported that there are some gamers who have found no audio issue or, let us say sound glitch in the Forza Horizon 5. There are some workaround available which seems to help those who might be encountering this bug.

Here are a couple of things you can do to fix the audio output issue in this game Forza Horizon 5.

How To Fix Forza Horizon (FH) 5 No Audio Issue ?

No Audio issue is a common error in Forza Horizon 5, a simple yet annoying one. Those experiencing the audio issue try all kinds of suggested solutions that is given below. You should check this out.

1). Fix FH 5 No Audio Issue Selecting Correct Audio Output 

One of the most common reasons why players can’t hear game audio is that they have selected the wrong audio output. When you are not able to hear game sounds, you can try changing your audio output device to solve the problem. There have been a number of reports that players have found that by changing the audio output, they have been able to solve their issue. It may be a good idea to try this too! Take note of these steps:

  • In the lower right corner of your system tray, right-click on the speaker and select Sound Settings.
  • You will need to select the correct Output Device for the Sound tab.

2). Use Headphones With 3.5 mm Jack

This could another fix for audio issue in Forza Horizon 5. If you’re using wireless headphones while playing Forza Horizon 5, you might experience an audio issue where the game’s audio won’t play through your wireless device. If you’re having this issue while playing the game on your device, try any pair of headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

The headphones you use with your phone will also work, so do not get confused about which one to purchase. You should also verify the game files if nothing else works.

3). Change Playback Device Settings To Default To Fix FH 5 No Audio Issue

In some cases, sound can not be heard correctly if the audio is being rendered at a sample rate and bit depth that are not native to the Windows settings. In this situation, you can change the default format of the device you are playing with. You should follow these steps.

  • To access your speaker icon, right-click it in the lower right corner of your system tray.
  • Choose Sounds.
  • Browse your selection of Playback devices and then, right-click the device and select Properties.
  • Then, select Advanced and change the default format to 16bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) or 24 bit 96000 Hz as the output format (please try both).
  • Then, restart the game.

4). Turn On All Enhancements

If you experience a loss of sound while playing FH5, please make sure all enhancements are enabled. This can prevent you from progressing in the game. It is recommended to keep all the enhancements enabled at all times, so sound issues are kept to a minimum. You can turn it on by following the steps below

  • Navigate to the Sound section and select the Playback tab.
  • Here, Choose your playback device and select Properties.
  • On the Enhancements tab, enable it.

5). Disable the Spatial Sound or Windows Sonic To Fix FH 5 No Audio Issue

Right now, spatial sound is hit or miss. You should disable Windows Sonic or Spatial Sound. Currently, Windows Sonic is somewhat buggy, so you may want to turn it off for best audio quality.

6). Update your Audio drivers

Forza Horizon (FH) 5 can’t output sound can be happened due to out-dated audio drivers. To solve the problem, you have to update your audio driver. You can take this last and final step to solve the audio problem. However, updating or reinstalling your audio drivers is not the best idea. The reason for this is that if your audio drivers are corrupted or out-of-date, it will not affect just one game. Rather, it will affect the entire system. As long as everything else seems to be working, you do not need to update or reinstall drivers.

The driver can be downloaded from your Motherboard’s official website. Please do not download drivers from random websites.

The Forza Horizon 5 audio bug was explained in detail above. Stay tuned to for more guides and updates.

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