How To Fix FIFA 23 “A Better Build Up” SBC Not Submitting Error?

There are a variety of modes and challenges in all EA FIFA games, and SBCs are one of the challenges in FIFA 23. The problem is that many players are facing an issue during the current phase of FIFA 23 whereby they are not able to submit their SBC for the 'A Better Buildup'. So we are here to let you know how you can fix.

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The end of this year is the perfect opportunity to finish off your year with the ultimate football experience. Next year, Electronic Arts will launch a new franchise called EA Sports FC, as the video game maker and brand are splitting up. Moreover, it is also obvious that the creators of this rather old series wish to end their careers on a high note on the strength of this highly anticipated release. This game is quite impressive in terms of its features, such as a completely revamped gameplay, a Hypermotion 2 technology, and aesthetically pleasing graphics. The challenge of making a game with a variety of new features, modes, and realistic animations would make it more engaging, plus it would be stunningly graphical and realistic as well. However we have seen in the past that EA games have always been plagued by a problem with quality control, and FIFA 23 is no exception.

Our last article explained that either FIFA 23 or its Web App are not without their own set of issues, and the “Better Build up” SBC error in FIFA 23 is just one of the most recent of them. Here you will find all the information you need about FIFA 23 and how to fix the “Better Build Up” SBC errors.

How To Fix FIFA 23 “A Better Build Up” SBC Not Submitting Error?

As far as EA FIFA Series is concerned, a SBC is defined as a game challenge in which you must build a squad of players that will fulfill the requirements set forth by the game. By completing the SBC’s, you will be able to acquire a number of valuable rewards for your efforts.

However, many FIFA 23 players are having difficulties completing the ‘A Better Buildup’ SBC due to receiving an error message that they cannot submit their lineup.

Nevertheless, once EA saw that nearly everyone was having problems submitting their challenges, they decided to take action. In the EA forums, a member of EA’s community management team, EA_rephii, shared the a news with the community related to the issue. This Better Build Up error, as well as other SBC issues that have plagued FIFA 23 for quite some time, have been addressed.

Moreover, they stated that the middle players should now become CDMs and that the game should now be a doable one. The problem with this solution, however, is that it complicates things for players who have already submitted their challenges. There were 3 CMs required previously, now it is 2 CMs and a CDM. In other words, this is not a fix, it is a change in the challenge, and many players will have to spend more on new players or adjust their positions due to the change.

Although it isn’t perfect, it is better than nothing, and there are many people who do not object to it at all.


Here we come to the end of our article on the SBC error called “Better Build up” that occurred in FIFA 23. As far as content and game modes go, FIFA 23 has a great balance of them, as well as realistic animations that make it truly enjoyable to play and also with errors and issues. Thank you very much for reading this article and we hope that it was helpful to you. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and news about FIFA 23, previews, guides, and more in the coming days.

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