How To Fix EA Sports FC 24 Can’t Submit SBC on Companion App?

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EA Sports FC 24, the latest FIFA game, has quickly gained popularity since its release earlier this year. Developed by both EA Vancouver and EA Romania, it offers stunning virtual football fields worldwide. A standout feature is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, letting players build dream squads with collected player cards. To enhance FUT management, there’s the EA Sports FC Companion app, accessible on iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, users are encountering frustrations when submitting Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) on the app, receiving a vague “Failed to Submit Challenge” error.

This issue affects a significant portion of the player base, as the game is accessible on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. SBCs are crucial for earning rewards and enhancing FUT, making it imperative to swiftly resolve this app bug to restore enjoyment for millions of EA Sports FC fans worldwide.

EA Sports FC 24 Can’t Submit SBC on Companion App Issue

In recent weeks, players of EA Sports FC 24 have been expressing their frustration on forums and social media about issues with the Companion app’s SBC submissions. When trying to submit player squads for SBC challenges, they encounter the unhelpful error message “Failed to Submit Challenge.” This problem seems to be specific to the Companion and Web app platforms, with no similar reports when submitting squads directly through the game on consoles and PC.

The widespread complaints about the “Can’t Submit SBC on Companion App” bug indicate that a significant number of active EA Sports FC 24 players are affected. Since SBCs are a crucial part of the FUT mode, resolving this issue quickly is essential to restore the complete Ultimate Team experience for those impacted. The lack of clarity on what triggers the error message adds an extra layer of frustration. Hopefully, a solution is on the horizon.

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How To Fix EA Sports FC 24 Can’t Submit SBC on Companion App? Recommended Solutions

Fortunately, the community manager of EA Sports FC has addressed the SBC submission problem and offered some suggestions for players facing this issue. Although a lasting solution would ideally come from a developer’s app update, there seem to be a couple of simple workarounds that users can try in the meantime when attempting to submit squad building challenges through the Companion.

Fix 1: Use Different Platforms

Interestingly, EA’s community manager has suggested that affected gamers attempt completing the SBC on alternate platforms, not restricting themselves solely to the Companion and Web Apps.

As highlighted above, those playing EA Sports FC 24 directly on consoles and PC have not faced similar submission failures, even when building the same squads. It seems the bug lies isolated within the companion ecosystem. Trying your luck directly on your platform of choice could help progress your SBCs in the meantime.

Fix 2: Install Latest Version Of Companion App

Another avenue to explore is checking whether your installed version of the EA Sports FC Companion App requires any available updates. Open up the relevant app store on your device and search for the EA Sports FC Companion to scan for updates. If one exists, trigger the update process and then test if submitting SBC squads is successful once completed. App updates frequently contain vital bug fixes, so this is an prudent step before trying more drastic troubleshooting methods.

Fix 3: Attempt To Log-in Again.

Should the app update suggestion fail to get your SBC submissions working again, attempt logging out of your EA Account on the Companion and then logging back in. Start by opening the app’s settings menu and selecting the option to fully sign out of your account. Next, input your login credentials again to reconnect your EA Account with the platform. This may flush out any temporary glitches that were blocking successful SBC submissions.

Fix 4: Reinstall Companion App

If your SBC submission woes continue even after an app update and login refresh, the nuclear option could be to completely uninstall and reinstall the Companion App. While dramatic, wiping the slate clean by deleting the app and re-downloading may iron out any deeper issues occurring. Don’t forget to reconnect your EA Account details post-install to restore your FUT. Needless to say, this measure should only be tried after other options draw a blank.

Fix 5: Contact EA Support

Finally, if absolutely none of the above solutions manage to remedy the “Can’t Submit SBC on Companion App” error message, then contacting EA Support is advised. EA’s customer service team may request additional details about your account status or uncover unique issues blocking your SBC submissions specifically. While average wait times for support responses can vary, this direct channel to the developers themselves holds the greatest chance for a permanent fix.


In summary, the “Failure submitting challenge” error plaguing EA Sports FC 24 gamers’ SBC submissions through the Companion App has proven a major irritation. Thankfully, following the outlined solutions to attempt submissions across all platforms, update and reinstall the app, and contact EA Support provides a clear path to overcoming the issues. Once the bug is ultimately squashed on EA’s end, likely through a targeted app update, FUT enthusiasts can get back to enjoying building their dream squads through Squad Building Challenges unimpeded. For any players still encountering troubles, persistence with the above fixes should see you through this frustrating spell. Just a friendly reminder as ever to keep calm on the virtual pitch!

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