How to fix DocHub Error 500 : Here what you can do ?

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DocHub is one of the great online PDF annotator and document signing platform through which users can add text, draw, add signatures and make document templates for various purposes. DocHub is unquestionably one of the best yet simple tool for editing PDF for various purposes. You’ll be able to annotate documents, whiteout text, append pages, merge files, include fields and much more. With the help of “Page Manager” option in DocHub, users can show thumbnails of every page of your document, give ability to rotate, delete and reorder pages with the use of drag and drop.

You can also merge PDFs or other documents in just one tick. DocHub additionally provides Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox integration feature through which users can save their edited or created documents on these platforms. This will let DocHub’s users ability to open and import files directly from your Gmail inbox or Google Drive or Dropbox to DocHub.

Not only imports, users can also export their edited document files on these platforms and also able to email the document directly to your contacts. However, there is no android application available for DocHub right now, but users can access it through their mobile device as well. It performs the same way as it on desktops. Users can perform all the actions required for creating or editing the documents on DocHub. There are no necessities of a computer or installing any specific app on your mobile phone. The edits are saved automatically and securely to the cloud in actual time, and it typically means the documents will always get synchronized among all devices. DubHub also offers multilingual supports as well, along side European languages, it also has support for Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean and far more.

What is DocHub Error 500 ?

Despite having many useful features, DocHub also experiences some errors that have proven to be a serious headache for several users. Many users are getting DocHub Error 500 on their computer screen. Error 500 generally appears due to internal server error. Error 500 is a very common error in many websites, and even DocHub has been a victim of this error. Users have said they’re unable to access DocHub in the least because the Error 500 is appearing on their screen. A user said he tried to attach to DocHub throughout the day, but he has been unsuccessful due to the Error 500. Some said they weren’t ready to login to DocHub due to the Error 500. A user said she received the error while attempting to sign documents through Gmail. If you’re also experiencing the Error 500 on DocHub, you can follow the steps below to fix this error.

How to fix DocHub Error 500 ?

  1. First thing first, open this URL in your browser: ”
  2. Select DocHub in the section of ‘Signing in with Google’ and choose Remove Access.
  3. Clear the cookies for or you can also quit the web browser and reopen it.
  4. Now, again, try to “Sign in“.
  5. If the issue is still there, you should contact DocHub customer support at [email protected]

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