How To Fix Candy Crush Not Connecting To The Internet

Currently everyone is addicted to Candy Crush Saga. It's all over Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. But what if you can't connect to the internet? In this guide I will give you How To Fix Candy Crush Not Connecting To The Internet.

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Candy Crush Saga is a very popular game by the King and it’s hard to find a gamer who hasn’t heard of Candy Crush. It’s one of the top grossing mobile applications on both iOS and Android (and for a long time). Millions of people play it every day and also it is one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS devices. Despite its popularity, there are some issues that have been surfacing with the game recently. Candy Crush Saga involves and requires you to be connected to the internet at all times in order to play. However, sadly a lot of users have been encountering an annoying bug in the game, “Candy Crush not connecting to the internet”. This can be a headache for gamers as not being able to connect online means they can’t complete any more levels. If you too are getting this issue in the game then here are some workarounds that might fix your issue.

Candy Crush Not Connecting to the Internet? Here’s the Fix!

Candy Crush Saga, the popular game from, has been a huge hit on mobile devices since its release just a year ago. But what happens when Candy Crush becomes unplayable? What do you do when Candy Crush won’t connect to the internet? Here are some solutions for Candy Crush not connecting to the internet:

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Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can sometimes fix problems like Candy Crush not connecting to the Internet. To do this, press and hold the power button until you see “Slide to power off”. Then swipe left on the screen with two fingers and tap Restart. Wait for your device to turn off completely before turning it back on again.

Clear Cache And Data

Clearing your cache and data will remove temporary files from your device so they don’t take up space anymore. This can help fix some problems like Candy Crush not connecting to the Internet.

To clear cache and data on an Android phone or tablet: Go to Settings by clicking or tapping > Settings or Apps & notifications > Candy Crush > App info > Storage (or Storage & memory) > Clear cache as well as “Clear data” . After this has been done, try loading up your game again and see if this has solved the issue with connectivity on Candy Crush.

Restart Candy Crush

If you’re having trouble connecting with Candy Crush, the first thing to try is restarting your game. Close down the application and reopen it again. This will reset your connection and clear any problems that may have been causing a problem.

Make Sure Candy Crush Is Updated

If you are still having problems connecting to the internet, make sure Candy Crush is updated. Sometimes an app has updates available that fix bugs or help keep your device secure. It’s possible that an older version of Candy Crush has a bug that is causing your connection issues.

  • On Android, To update, open the App Store app, search Candy Crush in the search box, tap on Candy Crush and see if there is any update available. If there is then you must update it.
  • On iOS phone, To update your apps, open the App Store and tap your profile icon at the top of the screen. Scroll to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to an app to update only that app.

Close Background Apps On Your Phone

If your phone has a lot of apps running in the background and you’re trying to connect to the internet, it may not be able to do so. With so many apps and tabs open using your data connection, you’ve got a lot of hungry mouths to feed! Close all apps that aren’t necessary for what you’re doing right now and try again.

Turn Off Your Connection And Then Turn It Back On Again

If you’re experiencing a connection error in Candy Crush, the simple and best way to resolve it is by turning your WiFi or Mobile Data off and on again. To do this, simply log out of the game and turn your WiFi or Mobile Data OFF and then ON after sometimes as you would normally. This will reset your connection and allow you to reconnect.

 Turn Off Data Saver Mode

Candy Crush requires you to be connected to the internet at all times in order to play. Data saver mode is a setting that limits how much data can be used by an app or website, so if this setting is on, it could be causing you to not be able to connect and play candy crush. To keep your game running smoothly, simply turn off data saver mode before you start Candy Crush on your phone.


And that concludes our guide on how to fix Candy Crush not connecting to the internet. We have provided all the best methods for you to try, so have a go with them today! We hope you found this helpful and wish you good luck with your gaming endeavors!

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