BT Sport App Not Working On PS5? Here’s How to Fix It!

If you are having problems with the BT Sport app on your PlayStation 5, here is a list of simple steps to take that will help you resolve any issues:

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BT Sport is an excellent streaming service that offers sports fans some of the best live events in association football. Many sports fans use PS5 as a means to stream some of the best games and competitions that they might miss out on otherwise — including international matches, European competitions, and much more. While the app works very well on PS5, there are occasional issues that make it impossible to watch football on the app. In this article, I’ll explain the basic ways to fix BT Sport app not working on PS5 issues.

How To Fix BT Sport App Not Working On PS5?

There are a number of reasons why BT Sport is not working on the PS5. In this article, you will find some fixes and workarounds for these issues to get the BT Sport app working on PS5 again.

1. Restart your PS5

Restarting your console is a common first step to fix issues with any device, and the PS5 is no exception. If you’re having trouble getting the BT Sport app to work on your PS5, the first thing to try is restarting it. Restarting your PS5 will reset many of its settings and allow for a fresh start that might fix any issues.

To restart your PS5, hold down the power button on your console for about 5 seconds until you hear a beep. A message will pop up asking if you want to fully shut down or restart your console. Select “Restart” and wait for about 2 minutes for your console to boot back up again. Once it’s done restarting, launch BT Sport and see if it now works normally.

2. Verify That Your Internet Connection Is Stable

Verify that your Internet connection is stable. If you’re having issues with the BT Sport App on PS5, it’s possible that there’s something wrong with your router or modem. To test this, start by making sure all of the cables are plugged in properly and that all of the connections are secure. If you’ve recently moved your router or modem to a new location in the house, be sure to make sure those cables aren’t damaged or frayed.

Next, run a speed test on an external device (not on PS5) to see how fast your actual connection speed is. If it’s lower than what was advertised by your ISP (e.g., “Up To 60 Mbps”), contact them about it immediately!

Once you know what kind of speeds are available without interference from any pieces of equipment in between, check again using another device connected directly via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi adapter directly into one port on each device (don’t use wireless). Then try using different ports if necessary until you find one where everything works as expected — this may take some time depending upon how many devices are vying for bandwidth during peak hours!

3. Clear The Cache Of PS5

While clearing the cache of a PS5 app may not sound like a big deal, it can actually help fix many problems with your app. If you’re having trouble with your PS5 and aren’t sure how to clear the cache, don’t worry! This guide will walk you through the steps to do so, and explain why it’s important to clear your cache regularly. But before we get started, be sure to put your console into Safe Mode first. Here’s how:

  1. To clear the cache files of PS5 device, first thing you have to do is Power OFF your PS5. To do so, Hold the power button for three seconds. You will see some flicker in power indicator before it going off. When turning off the console, keep in mind that one beep signals when the console has actually been turned off.
  2. When the console is off, press and hold the power button once more. After the second beep is heard, release the button. The user will hear one beep when they first press the button, and another seven seconds later.
  3. Connect your controller to your computer via USB and press the PS button. You will be presented with an option to “Enter Safe Mode” once it has fully loaded.
  4. After connecting a USB wire to the console and entering Safe Mode, select Option 5, Clear Cache and Rebuild Database.
  5. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Clear System Software Cache. After that, a text will come up on the screen, saying “System Software Cache will be cleared“. Finally, press OK to proceed. When you select OK, the PlayStation 5 will clear its cache and restart.

Now we’ll go over how to clear the cache for an individual application as well as all applications at once.

4. Update BT Sport App To The Latest Version on PS5

If the BT Sport app is not working on your PS5, the first thing you should do is make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the BT Sport app.

5. Reinstall the BT Sport App

If you’re having trouble with the BT Sport App on your PS5 console, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This should fix the problem.

  • First thing first, go to your PlayStation 5 home menu.
  • Look for the BT Sport App and press the Options button on your controller.
  • Select the Delete option to remove the app from the system.
  • Now the final step, go to the PlayStation 5 store and install the latest version of the app.

6. BT Sport App Not Working on PS5, Check if it experience Outage

We have discussed so many reasons why the BT Sport App may not be working on PS5. Outage of BT Sport service may also be one of the reason for its not working.

BT Sport App is one of the most popular pro sports streaming services out there, so it’s no surprise that millions of people use it every day. But some time even the biggest sites like BT Sport also experience downtime.

Though BT Sport App has yet to experience any major outages and problems, it’s still important to check whether there are any service interruptions. The BT Sport outage tracker at Downdetector reveals any problems that might be affecting the streaming channel.

7. Change your DNS server setting on PS5

  1. Go to the PS5’s home screen. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you should see an option labeled Settings, click on it. In the Settings menu, go to Network. Once you’re in Network page, go to Settings.
  2. On your screen, you should see a ‘Set up Internet connection‘ button. Click on it. Now, click on the current internet connection you are using. Your Connection name will pop up under Registered networks (if it’s been registered). If it’s not already registered, the name will show up under Networks found.
  3. Click the options button next to your connection name. Next, select Advanced Settings from the right-hand menu.
  4. Now go to the Primary DNS section, and enter Then go to the Secondary DNS section, and enter This will ensure that your system automatically uses Google’s DNS servers which are one of the best available. If you use Google’s DNS server for both the Primary and Secondary DNS, you will be able to get pretty reliable connections with low latency and high-performance browsing.
  5. If this setup doesn’t work for you, feel free to use another DNS server with CloudFlare. For the primary DNS, type in, and for the secondary DNS type
  6. Another best server are Quad9 DNS. If you would like to use the Quad9 DNS server, type in for the Primary DNS and for the Secondary DNS.
  7. Now any one of these DNS servers, click on Ok to Save.

8. Clear The Cache Of BT Sport App On PS5

The app may not be working properly due to some bugs as well as inconsistencies. Therefore, you can clear the app data in such cases. You can do this by following the steps below –

  • To do so, go to Settings of PS5 and select Saved Game.
  • Then, go to the Game/App’s Settings and tap on Saved Data(PS5).
  • Here, click on Console storage and go to Delete.
  • Now choose the BT Sport App and tap on Delete.
  • Now you need to restart the console and launch the BT Sport again to see if it fixes the issues.

One word of caution: clearing the cache can put any saved data at risk as well, so be aware that if there are important details stored with BT Sport, they may be lost when deleting all data resets everything to its factory settings!

9. Contact PS5 Support

If you are still having trouble with the BT Sport app on your PlayStation 5, you can try contacting PS5 support for assistance.

Before you reach out for help, make sure to troubleshoot any issues you are having by following the steps given in this guide. If a few days of troubleshooting do not resolve your problem, contact PS5 support and tell them about it. It is important to explain what your issue is and what steps you have already taken to fix it so that the support staff can help as quickly as possible.


Now that you know the reason why it happens, what you have to do is to check your internet connection. If it still not working, then there is a problem with your device. Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea on how to fix the BT Sport App not working on PS5. The fixes and workarounds in this article are some of the known solutions that you can opt for if the BT Sport App does not work on your PS5. If you have any other questions or problems, leave a comment below and we will help you out as much as possible with what we know.

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