How To Escape Prison In BitLife – All Jail Maps & Layouts

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BitLife is a popular mobile simulator game that takes a stab at recreating the simulation of real life. As you play BitLife, you will make decisions that will dictate your future.

This game offers the full range of activities you would expect to find in the real world, all in a game that fits in the palm of your hand. You can be whatever you want to be. But if you cross the line and commit crime, the game has jails too.

In BitLife, there are several mini-games that would keep you hooked for hours. The game offers players a mini-game where they have to escape from the prison in BitLife. Those people who are regularly playing BitLife must know the difficulty of escaping prison in the game and that is why players have been asking questions about “how to escape prison in BitLife”. If you want to know about how to escape prison in BitLife, this guide will definitely help you.

In BitLife, there are three prisons: Minimum, Medium, and Maximum. They all have their own maps and escape routes. The lower security prisons like Minimum or Medium can be escaped relatively easily. But if you’re locked in Maximum Security, escaping is going to be a lot harder for you.

As always, make sure you are fully prepared to commit the crime. If you attempt to escape from jail in BitLife, you will receive an “Attempted escape” felony charge that could add a few more years to your sentence.

To help you avoid the hassle of memorizing prison maps, we’ve assembled this list of all prison layouts and their solutions. Before we teach you how to escape every prison in BitLife, let’s talk about how you can get arrested in the first place.

How To Escape Prison In BitLife? Guides For Minimum, Medium And Maximum Security Jail Layouts

BitLife is a game with a similar concept to real life. Here also, breaking the law has consequences. If you commit a crime, you may lose your job and go to prison for a amount of time. During your stay in prison, you can work at certain jobs, but in all cases, the salary is low.

There are a number of ways to escape from the prison in BitLife and you have to be careful so that you don’t get caught. But by following the below mentioned tips and tricks, you will surely be able to escape from this prison with ease. If you are an expert at escaping from prison then you may already know this, but many others will not, so we will spell it out for those unaware. The guard moves twice when you make a move. The way he behaves isn’t that he simply makes two moves in any direction, he makes those moves in a horizontal manner, starting with you first. By blocking the security guard in the walls of the maze, you can restrict the security guard’s ability to move, and thus escape from prison in BitLife. You can easily move towards the escape in the Bitlife jail as there are three-sided boxes that can keep him confined.

While this guide is mainly about escaping from prison, this isn’t the only way to get out of prison in BitLife, it’s definitely the easiest and most hassle-free way. For what it’s worth – we have cheat sheets and videos catered to every map layout that’ll walk you through and help you escape from prison like a boss.

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

1. 3×4 Security Prison Map

2. 3×5 Security Prison Map

3. 4×4  Security Prison Map

4. 4×4 Security Prison Map 2

5. 4×4 Security Prison Map 3

6. 5×4 Security Prison Map

7. 5×5 Security Prison Map

8. 5×6 Security Prison Map

9. 5×7 Security Prison Map

10. 5×7 Security Prison Map 2

11. 6×5 Security Prison Map

12. 6×6 Security Prison Map

13. 6×6 Security Prison Map 2

14. 7×4 Security Prison Map

Maximum Security Prison Maps Layout

The maximum security prison is the toughest prison in Bitlife. If you have committed a serious crime such as murder or attempted murder, Bitlife’s maximum security prison will be your home for the next few years.

1. 8×7 Security Prison Map Layout

2. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 1

3. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 2

4. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 3

5. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 4

6. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 5

7. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 6

8. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 7

9. 8×8 Security Prison Map Layout 8


We hope that this guide helped you learn everything you need to know about escaping from prison in BitLife. If there is anything else you would like to know then please let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to help! For more BitLife guides, be sure to check out our wiki page.

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