25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online

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Search engine giant Google provided not only the best result but also a very good sense of humor in its creative department. Google has presented many Doodles to celebrate the anniversaries of various events. In the treasure of Doodles, there are many hidden Google games you can play at your free time. And these games are not going to kill your most of the times. In this article, we are going to take a look at 25 best hidden Google games to play online. These games come from Google Search, Google Doodle, Google Maps, and more. Have a look.

1. Magic Cat Academy 

Magic Cat Academy is a very interesting game in Google Doodle Archive. This Google Doodle game was released on during Halloween 30th October 2016 to celebrate .

The concept of the Magic Cat Academy is very simple. You (Momo) have to defend the magical secrets of her school from the number of nasty and evil ghosts. Momo is standing at the middle and ghosts will arrive from both sides and have some lines and shapes at their head. To destroy those evil ghosts, Momo have to draw those shapes, symbols, and lines as quickly as possible so that they do not reach you.

Magic Cat Academy google hidden games

This Google Doodle game has a total of five levels. Although you can play it on your computer but it will give the best experience when you play it on the mobile device. Magic Cat Academy has great animation and sound effects.

You can find this game by typing “The Spooky Cat” or “Magic Cat Academy” in Google search. Choose the first result from the page.

Play Magic Cat Academy

2 Pac-Man 

Pac-Man game was a very popular video game among 90’s kids. This game is still by peoples who love these type of old school arcade games. Google brought this game in its Google Doodle Archive on May 21, 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this classic arcade game.

The concept and aim of this hidden google games is same but the design of the mazes has been changed. There is a Google logo as in letters in the middle of the mazes and make it look great. With the change in design, this game is no longer straightforward and has became slight difficult to play.

Pac-man google hidden games

To play this game, search “pac-man google doodle” and pick the first result.

Play Pac-Man

3. T-Rex Run or Dino Run

When your Internet has gone or you are unable to connect to the Internet and also feeling irritated and bored, then what will do? Well, T-Rex Run is another hidden gem in Google Doodle Games, and you can play it in your Google Chrome browser to get rid of your boredom.

The game has a T-Rex Dinosaur who is on his journey. A journey that never ends. There are many obstacles in his path in the form of cactus and T-Rex has to jump over those cactus to save himself from the collision with it. Press “spacebar” key on computer keyboard to “jump” over those obstacles and keep continuing his journey.

T-Rex Run google hidden games

Whenever you “unable to connect to internet” message o Google chrome browser, hit “space bar” to activate the game.

This 8-bit T-Rex Run game is now available to play online as well. Just go to the Google site and enjoy the game.

Play T-Rex, Run!

4. Atari Breakout 

Atari Breakout is an arcade game developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and released in 1972. I damn sure that you also played once this game when you were kids. In this game, there are number bricks a wall and you have to break those bricks using a ball and a paddle. This hidden Google games is very funny, interesting, and most excellent brick game of all time.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 1

Players who is playing the game control a paddle that bounces a ball into bricks arranged at the top of the screen. The goal is to volley the ball back and forth between the paddle and the bricks until all the bricks are knocked out. Control the paddle with the arrow keys or your mouse.

Play Atari Breakout

5. Garden Gnomes 

Garden Gnomes is another hidden game in the treasure of Google Doodle. Google released this game on 10th June 2018 as Google Doodle to celebrate Garden day in Germany. Yeah, you know “Angry Birds” games, Garden Gnomes looks and works very much the same. In this game, you are supposed to catapult the Gnomes as far as possible. This game has no ending, and that is the most addictive part of it. Every time you play the game, you make a score and then in the next move, score more than that.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 2

Garden Gnomes google hidden games

Garden Gnomes is very simple, as only a spacebar is needed to play a whole game. Press the “spacebar” on your computer keyboard to start the game. Now, the catapult will start moving. Press “Spacebar” gain to launch the gnome. Do not hit “Spacebar” too quickly because it will drop the gnome early and result in a negative distance. You need to choose perfect co-ordination of position to press “Spacebar” and cover a longer distance. To get the longer distance, press the “Spacebar” right after the apex of the curve.

Further, when the gnome is in the air, you can hit the “spacebar” to slam it down to the ground. Gnome will bounce when depending on how it hit the ground. There are mushrooms on to the ground to speed gnome up. This is how it works.

This hidden google games is now gone, but you can find it in the Google Doodle archive.

Play Garden Gnomes

6. A Google A Day

“A Google A Day” very interesting game to test your knowledge. You should try it if you think you have the best knowledge of geography as well as good googling skills. “A Google A Day” very much to trivia based games. In this game, you will be asked some and you have to give the correct answer. In trivia games, it encourages you not to use Google to answer the questions, but here it is the advantage that you can use Google to answer the questions. The game gets tougher as you move further in the game. Go ahead, try your knowledge and skills and enjoy the game..!

A Google A Day google hidden games

Play A Google A Day

7. Tic Tac Toe 

This game another name also called “Noughts and Crosses”. I remember whenever we bored it the class I played this game with our mates to get rid of the boredom. Tic Tac Toe is not loved by kids but also loved adults too. It is among the most played games on paper, so there should be a digital version of the game. There is no installation for this game, you can simply search and pick the first result. To play this game, there is a Google extension as well. Install it and enjoy. You can play it with the computer as well as any person you want.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 3

Play Tic Tac Toe

8 Great Ghoul Duel 

This is another Google Doodle game to celebrate Halloween. Google released Great Ghoul Duel as Doodle on 30 October 2018 to celebrate Halloween. There are two types of hosts in this game, one is “Greens” and other one is “Pinks”. They both have to collect soul flames. This game is very simple, to win this game, both have to collect more flames and take it back to their base. Go and enjoy the game.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 4

Play Great Ghoul Duel

9. Falling Cloud Game 

You know T-Rex Run. Whenever you unable to connect to the internet T-Rex come into the mind.. right. Flappy Bird is also the same but for the mobile device. This game is available to play whenever your mobile internet goes off. This is a simple and lucrative game. You have to tap the screen to keep a fishy-bird thing airbound and also protect it from the other birds those are flying. If you don’t have internet, go to the Google app.  Tap this play button icon in the “No Signal” area to start the game.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 5

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 6

10. Zerg Rush 

Go to the Google search “Zerg Rush”, click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” and see what will happen..! Your search result will vanished by a few balls that are falling on search result. You have to destroy the balls and save search results.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 7

Google has always been so creative with its Google Doodles. So, destroy the balls and enjoy the game.

Play Zerg Rush

11. Text Adventure

Text Adventure is different from the usual game to play. This unusual game is hidden behind Google Chrome’s source code. It will give you the feel of the 70s where people do not know much about graphics and user interface.

You can start this game by searching “text adventure” on Google and press Ctrl+Shift+J sim if you are on Windows, and Cmd+Shift+J simultaneously.  Select the “Console” tab from the bottom and type “Yes” to begin the game.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 8

12. Flight Simulator

Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator that lets you travel virtually around the world using an actual plane. To experience this game, you need to download and install Goole Earth in your computer system. When installation is done, go to the menu and click “Tools -> Enter Flight Simulator” at the top or can go for the shortcuts as Ctrl + Alt + A.

You can even choose between SR22 or F-16 plane to start your flight. For beginners, SR22 is recommended and F-16 is for those who have some skills and experience in this. In the next window, you can pick the starting location from a list of airports or also choose your current location.

For the better experience of the flight “Turn On” 3D building option from the left side of the list. You can play this game from your Joysticks as well. If you want to change the plane Exit the flight simulator first.

Flight Simulator Google Hidden Games

Play Flight Simulator

13. Soccer 2012 

In the list of hidden Google games, Soccer doodle was released to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics games. Apart from the soccer game, canoe slalom Doodle, a basketball shooting Doodle and a hurdle racing Doodle also introduce in the same year. The game is very easy. You have to stop soccer ball from having a goal using keys on the keyboard. That is it!

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 9

Play Soccer 

14. Basketball Game

This basketball game was released to celebrate the 2012 Summer Games. If you love this game and know how to play basketball, then you should try it for your time pass.

In this game have to shoot the hoops from various distance. Just hold down your mouse button to increase the power, take your ball, aim to the hoops and throw it. You have to score more points within the time given time duration.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 10

Play Basketball Game

15. Snake (Google Search)

Did you remember classic snake game in your Nokia phone in which snake eat foods and become longer. This game is the same as that. Google introduced Snake Game as Doodle to welcome the Chinese New Year in 2013. This year was called the year of the Snake.

Playing this is easy. Snake eat foods that will keep making the snake longer. With the increase in size, there is a chance of hitting the barrier. You have to avoid the barriers or else the game gets over. You can play the game on your mobile as well your computer. But you find a bit of difficulty when changing the direction while in a computer using the arrow keys of the keyboard will keep it more interesting.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 11

Play Snake

16. Solitaire (Google Search)

Now another classic game is here. This is the first game anyone ever played on a computer. Yeah, Solitaire.! This single-player game is about stacking of cards in a deck, in descending order and alternating colors and the goal of the game being the separation of each suit.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 12

To play this game, just type “solitaire” into the Google Search Box press Enter. This game is playable on the computer as well as on the mobile device and for this you will not need any downloading and installation.

Play Solitaire

17. Quick Draw

As Google has achieved huge advancements in the field of AI and machine learning. Now Google came up this very interactive Google Doodle in the form of a game. Google released Quick Draw, which predicts drawings and tests its capability through simple games. In this game user has to draw something on the page and it will predict that what you actually draw. It is also a test for a user how perfect it draws the picture that is given. Go and enjoy this funny and interesting game now.

Quick Draw Google Hidden Games

Play Quick Draw

18. Cricket 

Cricket is loved worldwide and to celebrate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, Google released this game as Doodle on June 1st, 2017. This game can be played on any device whether it is a small screen mobile device or any computer.

Whether you’re enjoying the tournament at a snail’s pace or bowling faster than the beat of a hummingbird’s wings, here’s hoping you hit it out of the park this summer!

Cricket Google Hidden Games

19. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is another classic game and belongs to the same generation as the Solitaire. But the game’s appearance and animation are not the same. The appearance and look of the game on Google differs from the one present on Windows. However, the basics of the game are not changed, it is the same.

This game is best to play on your laptop with a mouse connected to it. Becuase, laptop’s touch-pad is not sufficient to play this game. So, you need a mouse for a better play for this game. This game is not suitable for your phone because of the touch of the phone.

Minesweeper Google Hidden Games

20. Under Water

I think this is not a game. In this Google Doodle, all the elements of the Google search page are floating over the water and sea is filled with different aquatic species which are moving around. When you hit “Enter” on the “Search” button, more fish will be poured. With the weight of those extra fish, the elements of the Google search page will go down and down.

Under Water google hidden games

Play Under Water

21. Google Doodle Hip Hop

Google released this Doodle on August 11th, 2017 to celebrate the 44th anniversary of Hip Hop music. In the history, On August 11, 1973, an 18-year-old, Jamaican-American DJ who went by the name of Kool Herc threw a back-to-school jam at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, New York. During his set, he decided to do something different. Instead of playing the songs in full, he played only their instrumental sections, or “breaks” – sections where he noticed the crowd went wild. During these “breaks” his friend Coke La Rock hyped up the crowd with a microphone. And with that, Hip Hop was born.

This Google Doodle is not a game. This is all about mixing some tracks together and making some hip hop kind of music. You can even scratch if you’re feeling wildly ambitious.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 13

Play Google Doodle Hip Hop

22. Valentine’s Day

Google introduces every Doodle in the celebration of something and this one goes for Valentine’s Day. In this game, visit to the giant pangolin for advice on how to impress Bae. Collect cocoa beans to make a dessert. Collect 150 beans to make the cake and impress Bae.

There are a total of four levels in this game with different challenges. So, complete those 4 levels and enjoy the game.

Valentine's day google hidden games

Play Valentine’s Day

23. Pony Express

Google has created this doodle to honor “The Pony Express”. For the shake of your knowledge, “The Pony Express” was an iconic mail service which connected the East and West coasts in the United States in the year 1860-1861.

To recall the 155 years of the event, Google released this Doodle on April 14, 2015. In this interactive game, a pony ride during which one has to survive avalanches, bandits and rugged terrain. The path is marked with mail that one must pick up. At the end of the game, the user is evaluated on the basis of the number of mails picked up out of a 100.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 14

Play Pony Express

24. Rubik’s Cube

Who does know this puzzle game? We have played when we are kids and even the adult are also addicted to this game. To play this Google Doodle, there are some shortcuts given on the homepage of this game. Use those shortcuts to play his move and geometry of a cube with a single color on each side.

Its creator, Erno Rubik, came up with the design to explain 3D geometry. Once he’d built it, he was at first unable to solve his own puzzle.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 15

Play Rubik’s Cube

25. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday

The search engine giant Google has come out with another captivating doodle to celebrate Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog’s 78th birthday. He was an American music enthusiastic and founder of Moog Music. The interactive doodle pays tribute to Robert Moog’s known for his invention of Moog synthesizer.

25 Best Interesting Hidden Google Games To Play Online 16

When you come to the Google homepage, you will find virtual synthesizer and can play it by simply moving the cursor on the keys. This is not the end, you can create your own music, record it and even share your composition on the social networking sites. There’s also a virtual synthesizer to adjust volume and other controls like mixer, oscillator and filter.

Play Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday


The list of Google hidden games is not end here. There are so many other as well.  Google has created some outstanding interactive games, and we have chosen out 25 hidden Google games out of those. So, go through the list and enjoy these games.

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