GTA 6 Newly Leaked Gameplay Analysis: All The Details Are Here

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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series has always embraced chaotic criminality, but leaks suggest Grand Theft Auto 6 will take players to new lows. Rumored new features like money laundering, hacking, threatening witnesses and more point to GTA 6 being the most crooked and corrupt entry yet.

More Detailed and Diverse Crimes

GTA 6 will reportedly feature crimes beyond basic theft and violence. One major new element is the ability to launder money through purchasable properties like car washes. Players may also be able to sell stolen cars through special fences. Art theft may even be possible, with hints of art fences being in the game.

Hacking looks to be a major new gameplay focus as well. Players will allegedly be able to use tools like tracker jammers, immobilizer bypasses and auto dialers to hack systems. This matches rumors of GTA 6 featuring an expert female hacker as a playable protagonist.

Taking Cover-Ups to the Next Level

Not only will players be able to commit more kinds of crimes, but GTA 6 may give them more ways to cover their tracks. A big one is the reported ability to threaten or kill witnesses to your crimes on the spot.

This kind of evidence and witness removal system was present in Red Dead Redemption 2, another Rockstar game. The developer could be bringing the same mechanic to GTA 6 for more dynamic crime scene management.

The Darkest GTA Yet?

If all these crime rumors prove true, GTA 6 could end up the darkest and most unethical entry in the series so far. The ability to hack systems, fence stolen goods, launder money and manipulate crime scenes adds a new layer of strategic criminality.

Of course, these details are still rumors for now. But the basic theme of expanded criminal ventures matches Rockstar’s pattern of upping the ante with each new GTA.

The crime genre has also expanded a lot since 2013’s GTA 5, with shows like Breaking Bad and games like Red Dead normalizing morally ambiguous protagonists. Rockstar may feel the need to go further than ever before to keep GTA relevant.

A More Cautious Approach?

However, Rockstar can’t risk going too far and sparking a massive backlash. The company has gotten in hot water before for pushing boundaries too aggressively. Modern scrutiny of violence and unethical content in media has only increased since GTA 5 as well.

As a result, Rockstar may stop short of making GTA 6 truly sociopathic. The developers likely aim for more player freedom, not wanton cruelty.

Improved NPC Behavior

The leaked GTA 6 document has spilled the beans on upgraded NPC behavior, and one notable change is that artificial intelligence characters no longer roam solo but instead move around and chat in groups.

This takes a cue from the approach seen in RDR2. For instance, in a video featuring Lucia carrying a duffle bag on a South Beach sidewalk, three men in tourist attire stroll by, engaged in conversation. Meanwhile, as Lucia leaves a nightclub, another man enters.

In contrast to previous GTA games, where our comings and goings were often solitary, NPCs now mirror our movements, enhancing the immersive experience. Additionally, NPCs aren’t just fixed at locations or restricted to set paths; they can be spotted mingling near a bar in South Beach.

Take, for example, the video with Jason aiming his rifle out of his car window at the tennis court—observant viewers will notice NPCs sitting on the ground.

Another clip reveals an NPC casually sitting, smoking, with the animation aptly named “Sit_Ground_Smoke.”

Walking the Line

Whatever shape GTA 6’s crime sandbox ultimately takes, Rockstar will have to walk a careful line. Too tame, and the game loses its satirical bite and chaos that fans love. Too depraved, and it risks being yanked from store shelves.

But if any studio can ride that thin line with style, it’s Rockstar. GTA has always masterfully blended incisive social commentary with gleeful anarchy.

GTA 6 will surely push new buttons, if the leaks hold true. But the core goal will stay the same – holding a cracked mirror to society’s criminal underbelly, and letting players smash it to pieces.

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