Gotham Knights: How To Fix Error Code 887a0005?

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Gotham Knights is a new AAA game for consoles and PC which is an enjoyable game, but it cannot compare to previous Batman games in terms of gameplay. Batman is not really the center of this game since it focuses more on the achievements of his successors than it is on Batman himself. There are moments in Gotham Knights that make it feel promising, even if it does not meet Arkham’s high expectations. It is possible that the game could head in a new direction with more to do in the city and an easier means of switching characters. But Gotham Knights error code 887a0005 is something that irritates players during middle-game gameplay.

In addition to the great storyline, the game begins with a stunning cinematic that will delight you from the very beginning. The game is dark, captivating, and you get to explore beautiful interiors as well as villain stories that are also a lot of fun to play. But the performance of the game isn’t great.

Even though there are excellent graphics in the game, most PC gamers are not satisfied with the game’s frame rate as it runs rather slowly, which makes most of the players very unhappy with the gameplay. It is an obvious trolling part to say that playing the game is like playing GTA 4 back in 2008.

When speaking about the game’s countless bugs and issues, many people have reported recently that when they’re playing the game, they get the error code 887A0005 during gameplay. Does there seem to be a way to fix error code 887A0005 in Gotham Knights? Read on to learn more about Gotham Knights and how to fix this error code.

What Is The Solution To Gotham Knights Error Code 887a0005?

There has been a great deal of evidence suggesting that the error message occurs during the first Mr. Freeze mission. During the enemy attack waves, Gotham Knights crashes randomly. Someone has managed to figure out a way around the error code 887A0005. You don’t have to fight the goons downstairs, you just need to fight them on the upper platform up the stairs instead. However, you can activate the railgun down below, as long as you don’t get involved in fights there. Currently, we are unsure of what the cause of the issue is, but we suspect it’s an unknown bug and until it is addressed by an update, this is probably your best option to avoid it.


There may be many reasons as to why Gotham Knights PC is not getting the best reviews and there are several reasons to explain why. Gameplay issues include crashes, disconnects, bugs, and frame rate issues in Gotham Knights. The mission targets get stuck in walls, glitch through the map, and fall to death when you ride a motorcycle. It wasn’t an easy experience for me, but I made it through it in the end. Anyhow, hope this article helped you to fix Gotham Knights Error Code 887a0005. For more articles, visit Gotham Knights section. Happy Gaming!

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