You can now search Netflix and Disney+ content on Google Play Movies & TV watch directory

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There are so many streaming services available that you can use to enjoy your favorite movies and series. To make it easy to access and search dozens of streaming services, Google brings Play Movies & TV app. This app let you access 25+ streaming services but it was previously missing two of the most popular: Netflix and Disney+. Now, both platform’s content has been added into its search options. Finally, the service supports Netflix and Disney+.

You can now search Netflix and Disney+ content on Google Play Movies & TV watch directory 1

How you can access both services

To get acces to both services, you need to link Netflix and Disney+ account into the app. To get your accounts linked together, open the Play Movies app on your Android device. Now, tap on the top left corner of your screen and tap “Manage services”. You will now see a number of content providers on screen with the Play Movies app. Choose the right one and proceed “Next”. Now, fill your cable or satellite provider login credentials and tap “Done.”

Once that’s all squared away, you can now use the Play Movies app as a search engine for your favorite Netflix and Disney+ content simply by typing in the name of the movie or show you’re looking for. Here one thing is to understand that to watch content on these services, Netflix and Disney+ apps should be installed on your device and also logged in. Right now, this functionality is only available on the Android app not on iOS. You could just use Google Search, but the Play Movies experience is much nicer with links to trailers, cast list, and more. There are also carousels of similar films that you might also like. Google Play Movies & TV support for Disney+ and Netflix is widely rolled out this afternoon.

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