Google is working on a special new feature “Incremental File System” for Android 12, You can test any game before it fully downloaded

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Nowadays, popularity for mobile gaming is increasing day by day, and people like to try new games more often. But sometime it happens that you have put an application to download from the Google Play Store and have to wait for several minutes so the download get finished and you can able to start it. But in case of game, possible waiting could go between 15-20 minutes or even more due to the heavy size of the program and also in case of slow internet speed. Now, it seems that Android users will soon get rid of these issues as Google is working on a new feature for Android 12.

The new Incremental File System

Google is working on a new file system for Android that would be called “Incremental File System“. It allows running big Android apps before their binaries and resources are fully loaded to an Android device. It means that this so-called Incremental File System would allow large apps and games to run while they’re still being downloaded to the device. However, the project is in a nutshell as the Google is working on it.

According to the official documentation, “The Incremental FS is a virtual Linux file system that allows a program to run while its binary files are still being downloaded from the network, USB etc. ”

How it works?

Describing the working of this new feature, consider a game of a few GB in weight. In this case, the new Incremental File System would be able to allow us to start it while their binaries files are still being downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is possible that the function may encounter some small “block” during the start of the app or a heavy game, but it is still better than having to wait several minutes before being able to use the game.

The Incremental File System may arrive with Android 12

Currently, this new feature is in development phases and Google’s engineers are testing the new file system on a Google Pixel 4 XL. The development team also stated that all Android devices with the new file system will also have a new directory “/data/incremental“. This will contain an additional folder for each installed application within APKs, OBB files and various libraries will be kept.

At the moment, we can not estimate when this feature will be available as Google is gearing up for Android 11 release soon. However, it is expected that Android 12 will arrive next year so till then we have to wait.

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