Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Google Duo will soon be added picture-in-picture feature on its Web version

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Pravin Kr. Chandra
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The Google Duo team is working to introduce a new feature called “picture-in-picture” on the web. That means, having this feature, you can able to do other things on your computer at the same time while doing video chat on Google Duo. This is the most popular video messaging service which made video calling so simple since many users.

However, on the Android version of Google Duo, this feature is already introduced in the year 2017. After the immense popularity, the web version of Google Duo is also introduced in February 2019, and this is the latest feature that Google Duo team is working on. Google recently added the ability to use the app on the web without a phone number.

Google Duo’s picture-in-picture mode

Even Google Chrome in the desktop version can count on native support for picture-in-picture videos for over a year and it is no wonder, therefore, that this feature is coming to Google Duo.

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no screenshots showing this feature but its operation should not reserve surprises: the user with a click on a special button will have the opportunity to make the call appear on Google Duo in a smaller and a separate window, having thus the possibility of using other computer features.

Initially, this feature should be supported at least by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but other browsers, perhaps later, will allow you to use it.

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