Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Google Could Not Give License To Huawei Mate 30 For The Play Services

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It seems that Google and Huawei conflict is not over yet. According to a new report from BBC claims that Google has confirmed that the Huawei Mate 30 could not get the license to use Google Play services on its devices. However, Reuters claims that the company will press on with the September 18 announcement regardless.

The US Department of Commerce is allowing 130 companies to file for a license in order to trade with Huawei. And reports claim that Google isn’t among those 130 companies that already signed this license.

The analyst also believes that Mate 30 smartphone cannot succeed without the use of Google apps like Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube and many other Apps. And also show other non-Google apps uses the functionality of Google Play services. So it might be a difficult path for Huawei to get success for Mate 30 flagship.

Effect On Huawei:

According to the Counterpoint Research report, the Chinese company is already lost its 24.9% to 19.3% market share in Europe in Q2 this year.

Huawei Mate 30

However, Huawei said that they want to continue using Android. Vincent Pang, SVP and board director of Huawei said that “Our new phones will still be based on Android. We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem, one technology”. While it tries to keep the partnership with Google, the company will keep developing its proprietary OS, and if it if it’s cut off from Google’s Android services Huawei will need to replace Android with HarmonyOS.

But it is the fact that in-house OS, Harmony is not ready for market. But Despite this, Huawei will launch a Harmony-powered phone this year. However, it will depend on the situation and the plan would be changed if it needed. The first hardware powered by Harmony is the Honor Vision TV, which launched three weeks ago.

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