Google Camera 7.0 App Has Reportedly Leaked For Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

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A Vietnamese YouTube channel ReLab which published the first gaming test on the Google Pixel 4 XL device 2 days back, also leaked the Google camera 7.0 APK file. The leaked images on the XDA developers website show that the Google camera app 7.0 will come with some major improvements. Here is a list of changes.


  • The location of camera modes has been changed and now it is under the camera switch, shutter, and gallery buttons. The camera switch icon is circled just to match the shape of the other two buttons.
  • The entire bottom part of the camera interface floats over the viewfinder (when taking 16:9 photos) which gives the user to more room to see what they are capturing. Here gesture navigation area and a small area above it is not included.
  • The corners of the viewfinder rounded to match the corners of the display. The default ratio changes 16:9 which is called “Full view” but you can still change it to old 4:3 view.
  • An “Infinity” focus option has added in camera’s Night Sight mode.
  • The zoom and exposure sliders became smoother. The zoom slider now tells you the zoom level while the exposure slider no longer tells you the level.
  • You can now record video by long-pressing the shutter button in the Camera mode as long as you hold the shutter button. The default resolution is 720p if you record videos in this way. This will replace smart burst functionality.
  • Suggestions have been added to the camera’s Time Lapse mode. This will give users an idea that which speed is good when doing time-lapse. You will get a suggestion “good for lively groups,” when doing Time Lapse at 5x speed. Similarily 10x as “good for walking,” 30x as “good for busy spots,” and 120x as “good for sunsets.”

Changes in General and Advanced Settings of Google Camera 7.0:

  • New “Camera coaching” feature has added which give you tips that how can take better photos. There is more automation is added like “try Night Sight” when there are low lighting conditions or “try Portrait Mode” when a face is detected in the viewfinder.
  • The Camera photo resolution options are limited to just “Full resolution” and “Medium resolution.”
  • Under Advanced settings, you’ll find a new “save selfie as previewed” option added for mirroring of front-facing camera shots.
  • In the end, “HDR+ control” also disappeared which we saw in Pixel 3 camera app.

The Google Pixel 4 series will launch on October 15th of the next month. Current Google Pixel phones will start receiving the new camera app update from next month.

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