Ghostwire Tokyo: Simple Guide To Fix Crash Issue at Startup

In this guide we will help you to fix Ghostwire Tokyo: How To Fix Crash Issue At Startup that is crashing at launch. We will guide you step by step to solve the problem easily and quickly.

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Tango Gameworks has recently launched a new horror game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, that follows in the footsteps of their previous hit, The Evil Within. This game is plagued by bug issues — and this is not an uncommon thing for the launch of an AAA video game.

Bugs are to be expected with such a large-scale game update, but gamers are still incensed that they have lost hours of playtime because of a game crash. Some users are reporting crash issue at the startup when playing Ghostwire: Tokyo, which in many cases can ruin the game experience and impede progress through the campaign.

In this article, we discuss a particular issue that is preventing some players from progressing very far into the game. We have prepared a solution so that you can avoid this problem in the future. Stay tuned for a complete guide to some bugs present in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

While it has received positive reviews from critics, there’s one problem that some players are facing: the game crashes constantly. Let’s fix this, shall we? Below we’ve outlined the steps you’ll need to take to get back into the action!

Ghostwire: Tokyo Crashing At Startup Issue, How do You Fix It?

Many PC players are reporting crashes issues at the startup when trying to play Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it’s not just a problem — it’s an optimization issue. In certain cases, the game doesn’t crash during startup, but rather later on in the middle of the game. It is important to note that this isn’t a random occurrence; it is outright optimization error. But there’s good news! There are a few simple fixes you can try to solve this issue.

While many players are enjoying this adventure game, some PC users are experiencing an annoying issue that’s keeping them from playing to their full potential. The issue being reported is that the game crashes after the initial startup or for some players it crashes right in the middle of the game. This is not a random occurrence that PC players are accustomed to but rather an optimization issue.

If you are running the game and it is crashing or you can’t load your saved games, try switching your graphic settings to give Directx 11 a shot. In order for this to work, you will need to follow these steps:

Change Properties of Ghostwire: Tokyo .exe

  1. Look in the game’s installation folder.
  2. Create a Shortcut of the .exe file of the game, GWT.exe in this case, by right-clicking it.
  3. Afterwards, right-click the Shortcut and choose Properties. To run the game in Directx 11, edit the Target field in the Properties menu Shortcut tab, and add “-d3d11” at the end.

Change Game Properties in Steam Library

  • In Steam, locate Ghostwire: Tokyo in your Library and select Properties from the Right-Click menu.
  • To run the game in DirectX 11, you need to type “-d3d11” in the Launch Options section of the General section.

Final Thought

That’s it! Hopefully the solution above helped you fix your issue. If you have any questions regarding this guide, please leave it down below in the comments section and we’d be glad to help!

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