Getting Pokemon Bank Not Updating Issue? Here’s How To Fix It

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For over a decade, Pokemon Bank has served as the premier hub for Pokemon storage and transfer between games. As an application synced between the Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon games, Pokemon Bank has amassed an extensive active user base. However, with Nintendo’s recent discontinuation of the 3DS eShop by March 2023, the fate of Pokemon Bank has been called into question, leaving fans anxious.

Initially announced in 2020 when 3DS production ended, the impending closure sparked distress, given the application’s utility. While new users cannot access Pokemon Bank anymore, the service persists for existing subscribers. Yet, as the discontinuation looms closer, many faithful users have encountered a strange “not updating” error when opening Pokemon Bank. With no clear solution in sight, fans are determined to resolve this updating issue to maximize their remaining time with this legendary application. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to fix the problem with Pokemon Bank not updating. So, let’s dive right in and find the solution without any delay. Keep reading to get it sorted!

How To Fix Pokemon Bank Not Updating Issue?

Restart: The Initial Step

As annoying as it sounds, a simple restart should be the first response when Pokemon Bank gets stuck on updating. Close the application and reload it after a few seconds. With apps and devices alike, small temporary glitches can often resolve through a refresh. If the error message persists, restart your 3DS system entirely before launching Pokemon Bank again. Beginning with these basic restart procedures isolates the wider connectivity and account variables, honing in on the app itself.

Sturdy Connection Matters

fluctuating wifi and excessive lag when loading applications can certainly disrupt normal functionality. Reboot your router before trying Pokemon Bank again to clear any potential interference. Check your 3DS wireless connection strength and run an internet connectivity test via the System Settings if necessary. Switch from wi-fi to wired LAN if possible for the most robust online communication between devices. If you have access to another network, attempt connecting your 3DS there as changing internet sources might bypass updating roadblocks.

Server Status Check

During peak traffic times or maintenance windows, Nintendo servers undergo routine disruptions. Before assuming app issues on your end, verify the Pokemon Bank server status through the Official Nintendo Service Status website. Scheduled maintenance lasting a couple hours occurs infrequently and will resume normal operations thereafter. However, extended service outages lasting over a day are rare.

3DS Reset: A Bold Move

If you have exhausted other troubleshooting methods, the nuclear option exists in system resetting your 3DS. This process wipes all data, requiring players to redownload software and games. Ensure youbackup all necessary game data through Pokémon Link or Pokémon Bank itself before considering this risky step. Note that performing a system format vs system transfer differ regarding data preservation. To tackle updating issues effectively, follow Nintendo’s step-by-step instructions to format your device, erasing all data without an option to restore.

  • To begin, ensure your 3DS is connected to the internet.
  • Then, navigate to the Settings and choose Other Settings.
  • Scroll all the way down and opt for the Format System Memory, situated just below System Update.
  • When prompted about your internet connection, press OK. Two more prompts will follow; simply click Next each time.
  • Finally, in the last prompt, choose Format to complete the process.

If server connection distruptions stemmed from your 3DS system files, this can provide a clean slate. But approach resetting cautiously, as you cannot reverse the effects.

Reinstalling as a Refresh

Rather than completely resetting your 3DS system, a less extreme measure involves reinstalling Pokemon Bank specifically. Deleting the app and redownloading it essentially provides a fresh install, overriding any corrupted files that might have contributed to updating problems. Note that saves remain intact through reinstallation alone. Follow Nintendo’s eShop guidance to uninstall software data before downloading Pokemon Bank again.

  • Head to Settings, then navigate to Data Management and select 3DS, followed by Software.
  • Locate Pokemon Bank and delete the app.
  • After that, hop over to the eShop, go to Menu, then Settings, and finally Redownloadable Software.
  • Choose Pokemon Bank and redownload it.

This might do the trick if nothing else has worked. Given the ease of access still through the eShop, this convenient refresh holds promise without the risk of full 3DS resets.

Support as the Last Resort

After actively attempting all recommended measures without success, reaching out to official support teams is the only remaining option. Provide as much detail as possible on your error occurrence, troubleshooting steps tried, and game/system specifics. Request an elevation to specialized technical teams if frontline support cannot resolve the “not updating” message. Reports indicate success through this channel as a last ditch effort.


There is an iterative way to overcome the so mysterious “not updating” problem caused to frustrated Pokemon Bank users. The easiest reboot process may assist one to build to the highest troubleshooting level that will isolate the problem. Consistent restarts and good internet connections should work for most people, but for others, selective reinstallations and formatting of their systems are a better solution than that of desperation. Remember to update vigilantly during your last push of Pokemon Bank as 3DS eShop goes offline shortly. Try to follow and keep yourself updated in order to know about any other changes that may occur during those months of sunset pokemon bank.

Now fans need reliable sources that will help them keep up with latest news in the coming transition period until the time Pokemon bank is discontinued. To keep in touch with follow them for on-going reportage and assistance as the last days of an iconic application unfold. In case of “not updating” and some other problems with the functions, we ask our readers to leave a comment and inform us of their difficulties.

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