Getting NBA 2K24 Crashing On Steam Deck? Here’s How To Fix It

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NBA 2K24 crashing on Steam Deck is like a star player suddenly going ice cold in the playoffs. It’s frustrating, ruins the experience, and leaves fans wondering what went wrong. NBA 2K24 is a basketball powerhouse, but for Steam Deck users, it’s a nightmare with constant crashes. There’s a technical issue messing things up, preventing full games. It’s a letdown for a promising title, but solutions exist. With targeted tweaks, Steam Deck users might debug the crashes, requiring patience, but the payoff is smooth gameplay.

Let’s rally to troubleshoot and stabilize NBA 2K24 on Steam Deck. When it operates at its best, it’s a slam dunk for gamers. Time to make the adjustments and get this hoops powerhouse back on track. As usual, we’ve got a few solutions for the NBA 2K24 crashing on steam deck, so you can get back to enjoying your basketball without any hassle!

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Getting NBA 2K24 Crashing On Steam Deck: Here’s How To Fix It

NBA 2K24 delivers an immersive basketball experience, but Steam Deck users are annoyed by frequent crashes after a few minutes of play. Developers haven’t offered an official solution yet, but the Steam Deck community suggests various fixes that have worked for similar issues in other games.

NBA 2K24 Crashing On Steam Deck

Restart Steam Deck

The easiest way to begin the troubleshooting is by restarting your system. It has been observed that one straightforward step could be beneficial to restart the whole system that can help to improve gaming performance, sometimes. If the problem persists, force restart by holding the Power button for 3 seconds or 10 seconds if unresponsive.

Switch The Proton Version On Steam Deck

To improve your game on the Steam Deck, switch up the Proton version it uses. This can affect how well the game runs. Since the Steam Deck relies on Proton for Windows game compatibility, tweaking the Proton version might fix issues. Go to NBA 2K23 in your Library, then Game Settings > Properties > Compatibility. Check the box, choose Proton Experimental, and pick a version to test, like Proton GE. Play around to find what works best for NBA 2K24.

Keep Steam OS And Game Updated

Always update your Steam Deck’s operating system (Steam OS) and games. System updates can make games more stable, so regularly check for and install updates for Steam OS. Don’t forget to do the same for your games, like NBA 2K24, as developers often release updates to fix bugs and improve performance. Keep everything up-to-date for the best experience!

Check Game Files

If your game is acting up, it might be due to messed-up or lost files. Fix it by using Steam’s “Verify Integrity of Game Files” tool. Just right-click NBA 2K24 in your Steam Library, go to “Properties,” click on “Installed Files,” and hit “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Steam will find and fix any messed-up files.

Ensure NBA 2K24 is Verified on Steam Deck

Make sure your Deck is confirmed for NBA 2K24 on Steam to play smoothly. There are four levels in the ‘Deck Verified’ system indicating game compatibility. If it’s Verified, you’re good to go without any changes. If it’s Playable, you might need to tweak settings. If it’s Unsupported, it won’t work. If it’s Unknown, there’s no info yet, but you can give it a shot. Check the Steam Deck Compatibility section on the game’s page for details.

Reinstall NBA 2K24

To fix problems with NBA 2K24 on your Steam Deck, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Open Settings using the Steam button, go to Storage, choose NBA 2K24, press X to uninstall, wait, then reinstall from the Steam Store. This might solve launch issues.

Factory Reset Steam Deck

Resetting your Steam Deck to factory settings is essential for wiping all data and fixing game crashes. To do this, press the Steam button, go to Settings, choose Factory Reset at the bottom of the System menu, confirm if prompted, and wait for the process to finish. Afterward, go through the initial setup again.

Contact Support

If you’ve tried everything and still have a problem with NBA 2K24, get in touch with their support. Describe the issue, when it happens, and any error messages. The more reports they get, the better chance it’ll be fixed in the next update. Go to the NBA 2K support website or contact them directly to report the problem.

This guide concludes here, and we hope that the solutions provided here have helped you re-enter the game successfully. Before you go, be sure to explore additional guides on

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