Get Lost Ark Notos Orca Ship Skin: Here’s How

Do you want the Lost Ark whale ship skin? Of course you do! Who wouldn't want a beautiful skin for their ship that makes it look like a majestic whale? whales are amazing creatures, and having a whale ship skin would be pretty cool.

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The world of Lost Ark is filled with collectibles and cosmetic items for you to find, equip, and show off. One of the many collectibles in the game are Notos Orca ship skins. Lost Ark whale ship skins are purely aesthetic. It is easy to get the Whale Ship skin, and basically it is free to obtain. All you need to do is clear some objectives the provide you with Amethyst Shards, and then you can exchange those shards for the Orca Ship skin in Lost Ark. As a result, you get an increase in sailing speed, so you will be able to sail around water a lot more easily. If you want your own Notos Orca ship skin in the Lost Ark online, here’s how to get it!

Lost Ark: How To Get Notos Orca Ship Skin

The Notos Orca ship skin is a great way to show off your love for the game, and it’s not too difficult to get.

First off, you need to make sure that you have enough Amethyst Shards to trade whale ship skin from the Amethyst Exchange Vendor in Lost Ark.

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Once you have enough Amethyst Shards for orca skin you need to visit Amethyst Exchange Vendor in main cities. He will offer various items for you to trade with your Amethyst Shards. These items include the Notos Orca ship skin, which is only available through this vendor and cannot be obtained through any other means.

Get Lost Ark Notos Orca Ship Skin: Here's How 1

The Orca Ship Skin is the special ship skin that can only be obtained with Amethyst Shards. You will need to work through different objectives in order to obtain the 6600 required shards. These objectives only cost time and do not offer any other resources.

Get Lost Ark Notos Orca Ship Skin: Here's How 2

There are many achievements you can complete to collect 6600 Amethyst shards and the skin. These achievements include:

  • First Step. Light’s Call – Complete the Prologue without skipping.
  • Universal Troubleshooter – Increase a character to Combat Lv. 50 for the first in the Roster.
  • We’re All Buddies! – Join a guild.
  • First Step – Enter the Proving Grounds.
  • Begginer’s Luck – Win in Proving Grounds.
  • People Person – Number of friends registered.

You will still need a few amethyst shards after all of this is accomplished. However, you just need to achieve a few simple achievements to fill up to 6600 and you will be all set.

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