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There is no denying that Friday Night Funkin is a great game. In this story, we follow the story of a boyfriend and girlfriend who have fled to the virtual world together. Daddy Dearest, their sole enemy, is now plotting to kill him. Gaming communities are greatly benefited by mods. Because of this, we will discuss Friday Night Funkin Hank High Effort mod today.

Are you familiar with Hank?

Series like Madness Combat are extremely popular. This story revolves around a Grunt with just a standard appearance. It’s not unusual for the average man to kill other Grunts. His name is Hank, and he is one of the most mysterious individuals you will ever encounter. In the series, Hank is the main character.

The thought of a man who brutally kills other Grunts might lead you to think that he must be a very strong character. Actually, quite the opposite happens. After every round, he becomes severely injured and covered in bandages. Once we have not seen the entire body, we begin to understand his true cosmetic charisma.

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Hank High Effort always portrays the character in a similar manner, maintaining the authenticity of the character. He wears a blackish-gray scarf on his head. Despite the black coat that covers his torso and legs, he is completely hidden. It seems he just wants to rock the stage with his red experiment goggles. Boyfriend is challenged to a music duel by him while holding the red mic and a knife in his left hand.

Download Friday Night Funkin Madness Hank High Effort mod

The developers at GameBanana are behind this great mod. Currently, the mod is in development. Here are some features you can expect in the mod:

  • There is now a Locknar menu theme song instead of the title song.
  • In the game there is a temporary soundtrack.
  • Several old sprites were removed since they were no longer appropriate.
It is possible that you will encounter some problems. If you wait until the final version of the mod, you will see those issues go away. The link given below will allow you to download the mod.

Download Link

Friday Night Funkin mod (Madness Hank High Effort) – DOWNLOAD LINK 

Mod Credits – NotJoNUTAN

There is nothing more to say about this mod. Until you actually do it yourself, you’ll never know the true essence of it. Don’t hesitate to download the mod and enjoy the game.

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