5 Best Magic Cube Bundles In Free Fire October 2021, Bandit, Night Clown Bundle And More

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Free Fire is about more than just shooting. It’s about the experience. And it’s about looking good while doing it. Just like you can use Magic Cube to bolster your character and profile.

Obtaining the Free Fire bundles requires exchanging Magic Cubes or purchasing them online. The bundles include skins and accessories. Right now, players can obtain more than 50 bundles with Magic Cubes by exchanging them in Free Fire.

Collecting 100 fragments in Free Fire will get you a Magic Cube. Get the best Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire by collecting fragments and converting them into Magic Cubes.

Best Magic Cube Bundles In Free Fire For October 2021

With so many Magic Cube bundles to choose from in Free Fire, it can be difficult to find the best one for your needs. We have compiled a detailed list of the top 5 best Magic Cube bundles for you.

1) Vampire’s Revenge

Vampire’s Revenge Magic Cube Bundles

This intense free fire magic cube bundle features a full-coverage bloodsucking vampire’s revenge costume. This frightening costume will terrify your opponents!

As part of the Vampire’s Revenge bundle, you’ll receive a full-coverage mask that reads “Give me more blood.” You’ll also receive a bright red leather jacket that says “Your blood is my armor.”

  • Vampire’s Revenge (Mask)
  • Vampire’s Revenge (Top)
  • Vampire’s Revenge(Bottom)
  • Vampire’s Revenge (Shoes)

2) Violet Flame

Violet Flame Magic Cube Bundles

The Violet Flame bundle is just one of many awesome Magic Cube bundles available in the Free Fire top 5. Violet Flame is one of Free Fire’s top-rated magic cube bundles and comes with a blind wrapped around her eyes. She doesn’t need to be able to see anything in order to locate you. What makes this Magic Cube bundle so special is the Warrior shoes and costume. These are the only things that set it apart from the rest in Free Fire.

  • Violet Flame (Mask)
  • Violet Flame (Top)
  • Violet Flame (Bottom)
  • Violet Flame (Shoe)

3) Bandit

Bandit Magic Cube Bundles

This cool Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle has a design that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. One of the most popular Magic cube bundle in Free Fire, Bandit is certainly an eye catcher. This costume consists of a cool black top and bottom, as well as a mask with blue eyes. You will not be caught by death if you run faster, since there are also fast running shoes included with this Bandit costume.

  • Bandit (Mask) 
  • Bandit (Top)
  • Bandit (Bottom)
  • Bandit (Shoe)

4) Night Clown Bundle

If you’re looking for quality clothing that can help you do your job and more, then look no further than the Night Clown Bundle. It has everything you need to be at your best. The Night Clown Bundle includes the latest clown costumes – the best costumes to make you look like an entertainingly, scary clown. It has everything you need to be a terrifying, fun-loving clown. You’ll think all your dreams have come true!

The clown has blue and pink hair with scary headwear and the coolest jacket out of all the clowns.

  • Night Clown Bundle (Head)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Top)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Pants)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Shoes)

5) Hipster Bunny Bundle

And the last but not the least, Hipster Bunny is a stylish and colorful Magic Cube Bundle in Free Fire that features bunny ears and shades to hide your glare. It also includes a fur jacket and shoes with bunny ears. This is the ultimate winter bundle for you with rabbit themed accessories

  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Head)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Mask)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Top)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Bottom)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Shoes)

You prefer to earn new and exciting Magic Cubes rather than dealing with the hassle of collecting fragments, right? We’ve made collecting fragments and getting a magic cube way too easy! Just register for the Free Fire Diwali event, and you’ll get a FREE magic cube.

Whether it’s your first cube or you are starting to get serious about cube, Free Fire has something for you. It gives you all the tools you need to make the right decisions about buying your first Magic Cube Bundle.

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