Fortnite Top 10 Best Christmas Skins That You Need To Try This Holiday Season

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When December rolls around, the world of Fortnite gets into the holiday spirit just as much as the rest of us. Each year, the developers release special limited-edition Christmas-themed character skins that really get players in the festive mood. For those looking to spread some seasonal cheer on the island this year, here are Fortnite’s top 10 Christmas skins to keep an eye out for in the item shop over the holidays.

Fortnite Top 10 Best Christmas Skins That You Need To Try This Holiday Season

1. Yule Trooper

Yule Trooper is about as close as you can get to Santa Claus himself in Fortnite. Sporting the signature red hat and white beard, Yule Trooper perfectly captures Papa Noel’s kind yet rugged vibe.

2. Crackshot

This creepy nutcracker definitely puts a sinister twist on a classic Christmas toy. With his military uniform and massive nutcracker head, Crackshot brings the holidays and horror together in one jarring package. He may not be overtly cheery, but there’s no doubt this is one of Fortnite’s most iconic and unique Christmas skins.

3. Glimmer

Channel your inner ice queen with Glimmer. Her glittering ballgown and icy crown give her an elegant yet frosty look. If you’re going for gorgeous but cold, Glimmer is the perfect holiday skin.

4. Codename E.L.F.

You can’t make a Christmas skin list without this veteran green elf. With his striped stockings, pointy shoes, and candy cane pickaxe, Codename E.L.F. encapsulates the quintessential Fortnite take on one of Santa’s little helpers.

5. Krampus

Embrace your inner villain this Christmas with the Krampus skin. Between the horns, chains, and flowing locks, this is Fortnite’s take on the folkloric Christmas demon. Intimidate the competition by dragging those oversized chains behind you.

6. Snowbell Skin

What’s Codename E.L.F. without his cute elf companion? The Fortnite community creator D3NNI came up with this skin idea. She’s super adorable in her hat, green dress, and yellow tights. This rare Fortnite skin has only been in the item shop twice, so if you spot her this winter, grab her for 1,200 V-Bucks!

7. Snowdancer

While not overtly Christmas-themed, Snowdancer’s elegant white and blue aesthetic could fit right in with the icy holiday landscapes. Her skin comes in two styles, so you can customize your look.

8. Gingerbread Duo

For players with a sweet tooth, don the Gingerbread skins Merry Marauder or Ginger Gunner. These highly sought after skins turn players into walking gingerbread soldiers, perfectly capturing the cookies’ delightfully chaotic flavor.

9. Frosty Defender

As his name suggests, Frosty Defender is ready to defend the frozen Fortnite frontlines. His white and blue uniform lined with fur invokes an icy military style perfect for the winter months.

10. Sled Ready Guff

Who doesn’t adore Guff skins? And let’s be honest, this particular one is just too adorable, don’t you think? The Sled Ready Guff, a charming Fortnite skin, was up for grabs at Winterfest 2022 during Chapter 4 Season 3. So, if you happened to be part of those celebrations, count yourself fortunate to now sport this delightful skin in your collection!

Whether you’re looking to go cute, funny, scary, or downright eccentric, Fortnite likely has a Christmas skin to match your style. Just be warned – some of the freakier skins might haunt your actual holiday festivities! So pick your favorite, spread some holiday chaos, and enjoy Fortnite’s wildest Christmas makeovers.

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