For Honor Update 2.29.0 is now live (July 22) – Bug fixes and patch notes

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For Honor update 2.29 is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. In Update 2.29.0, For Honor has received many updates and fixes. Aside from the multitude of bug fixes, this new update introduces a new hero. This new hero is called Kyoshin. He is a samurai of Japan who is known for his legendary skills. A number of other changes and bug fixes have also been added to For Honor version 2.29. There were many fixes and improvements added to the previous update. Unfortunately, there are still many players experiencing difficulties with the game. Those issues will hopefully be addressed in today’s For Honor patch 2.29 update. You can read more about it below.

For Honor will be unavailable for one hour during this maintenance period so this new update can be deployed to all platforms. This update is version number 2.29.0.

You will need 1.6 GB of storage space if you are playing the PS4 version. There is a 2.02 GB Xbox One download and a 3.28 GB PC download.

Below you will find the complete changelog.

For Honor Update 2.29.0 Patch Notes


Samurai known as Kyoshin possess a profound connection to the spiritual world. The Shikomizue, a concealed blade, became a weapon of choice thanks to their special training. The heaviest swords and scabbards in the world cannot overcome the heavenly powers that give them the upper hand over their opponents. They are able to block attacks and retaliate quickly due to their special Kaze Stance.

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Counter-Attacker Fighting Style
  • Group Fighting Specialist

Special Capabilities

  • The Kaze Stance is a defensive posture that blocks incoming attacks
  • A Kaze attack can lead to a Quick Combo if it is performed from Kaze Stance
  • Unblockable and unavoidable mix-ups



  • Added a new trait menu option:
    •  A brand-new tile icon
    • A new ‘Body Type’ tab has been added (in English) in place of the ‘Gender’ tab
    • On screen, the Default Body Type (and associated voice) will appear as “1”; if any Alternate options are available, they will appear as “2”.
  • Developer’s comment: Apart from the UI changes, heroes will continue to have the same customizable options that they did before.




  • There was an issue with the ability to perform Heavy attacks on the Warden’s right side when he was out of stamina (FH-1676).


  • Corrected the issue which caused the Kensei to play the wrong block animation or flash when blocking a Heavy Light combo from different directions (FH-1525).


  • The Nobushi no longer exhibits strange animation transitions when chained into Heavy Finisher (FH-1407).

Jiang Jun

  • This fix resolves an issue with Jiang Jun’s Top Light into Top Light chain being offset (FH-1512).


  • A fix was added for an issue that caused the Hitokiri to have the wrong animation when side dodge is engaged in heavy chain (FH-1569).


  • It resolved the problem that caused the Jormungandr to include a sliding dodge animation after a feint (FH-537).


  • Corrected an issue causing the Zhanhu Heavy to have the wrong animation after a right-side parry.


  • Added a fix for an issue where heroes did not receive damage if they ran in the center of arrow strikes (FH-1266).


Citadel Gate

  • Fixes a bug that allowed players to bypass collisions near Capture Point C and to get out of the world.

High Fort

  • Fixed an issue where the player could bypass collisions after being hit multiple times.

Qiang Pass

  • This is a bug fix for an issue which caused the player to die when shield bashes were performed towards the corners of inner and outer gates (FH-252).
  • This issue is fixed which resulted in the opponent being killed if a bump attack or guard break bump was used near the gate in phase 1 (FH-1404).


  • This issue was resolved that caused a visual glitch on Hero’s right side (FH-1873).
  • Resolved a problem that prevented faction change at the start of a new season.
  • It corrected an issue that caused floating banners in the background to display when the field of view changed from 87 to 90 (FH-1770).
  • A bug caused the respawn timers for both teams to disappear when either team entered breaking, despite non-breaking players being able to respawn (FH-1402).


  • Fixed a problem because Gambler’s Fallacy Battle Outfit wasn’t showing up for the Tiandi, Shaolin, Nuxia, and Jiang Jun (FH-1864) .
  • A bug that led to inconsistencies with opponent collisions after Warden’s “Blackstone Bash” execution has been fixed (FH-1796).
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in a frame rate decrease whenever you highlighted the Season 18 Battle Pass Emblem in Emblem Editor
  • Resolved an issue that prevented physics simulation for the Warden’s “Megaera Chest” piece
  • There was an issue with the “Eclipse” event weapon parts positioned backwards for Jormungandr (FH-1387).
  • A fix was made for a bug that caused the Hitokiri execution to be louder than expected (FH-1615).
  • A bug was fixed that caused the Weapon to be offset for the Berserker in both the barracks and the game when using the “Severe Amputation” Execution(FH-2140).
  • Fixes an issue causing Shinobi’s “Hooked on a Killing” execution to last longer than normal (FH-1508).
  • Resolve an issue that caused the Orochi “Seijuro’s Finesse” Execution camera to not face in the right direction after the execution (FH-1427)
  • This patch corrects the issue with the Raider “Steinunn chest” not applying the color palette on the chest (FH-1074).

Go to the game’s Reddit page for more information about it. For Honor is available now on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the full patch notes for For Honor update 2.29 on official Ubisoft website here.

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