Fix Unable To Authenticate Error In Pokemon Go: Here’s How

Are you experiencing the ‘Unable to authenticate’ error in Pokemon Go and wondering how to fix it? If so, here's a quick rundown of solutions to try.This error doesn't seem to occur for everyone, but if it does, no worries! A lot of folks are having issues with the unauthenticated message popping up and preventing them from playing those cute little pocket monsters. So checkout the solutions below and hopefully one will fix your issue!

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Pokemon Go is an augmented reality (AR) game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. It was released in 2016, and it’s free to play. The game allows you to catch Pokemon out in the real world, with AR technology that makes it appear as if your phone is a Pokemon trainer’s device like a Pokedex. This means that when you look at a Pokemon through the camera on your phone, they will interact with each other in 3D space—and so will you. The game is great fun, but sometimes there are errors that come up, like the “Unable to Authenticate” error. If you get this error, don’t worry! There is a way to fix it so you can keep playing the game.

What Does Unable To Authenticate Error Mean In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, the “unable to authenticate” error usually means your Google account login information is incorrect or has been changed without your knowledge. It can also be caused by an issue with your device’s internet connection. Before we go for some actuall fix, the following steps will help you find out what the problem is and get back in the game:

  • Check that your Google account username and password are correct. If they are, make sure they haven’t been changed by someone else (for example, if you pass out while someone else is playing on your phone).
  • Make sure that there’s a Wi-Fi or cellular connection on both sides of the authentication attempt (i.e., between Pokémon Go and Google servers).

Pokemon Go: How To Fix The ‘Unable to Authenticate’ Error

The ‘Unable to Authenticate’ error is a common error that occurs when you try to log in or launch the Pokémon GO app. It can happen at any time, and it’s frustrating because it makes it hard for players to access their accounts. The error can occur because of a poor internet connection, or because of issues with your device.

If you are getting the “Unable to Authenticate” error when you try to use Pokemon Go, then don’t worry. There is a few ways to fix this problem. The error can come up due to various reasons.

In this article, I am going to explain most of the reasons that you are using while playing Pokemon Go in Android devices and I will also guide you with the steps on how you can fix it. If you’re stuck on this screen, there are a few things you can try.

Check Network Connection Speed

If you’re unable to authenticate, check your Wi-Fi connection speed. It’s important to be connected to a strong, reliable Wi-Fi network in order for this process to work properly. If your connection is weak or unstable, try connecting through another device—such as your tablet or smartphone—to see if it works there. If the issue persists, try switching to another nearby Wi-Fi network and then back again before trying again with the original one.

Kill Background Apps

If that doesn’t help, make sure that your phone isn’t overloaded with other apps or programs running in the background. This can cause issues with the authentication process when using Niantic’s servers; closing out these other apps may help resolve these issues temporarily until they’re fixed by Niantic themselves later down the line when they’ve found a solution for this bug.

Relaunch The Pokemon Go App

If the problem persists, there is one more step you can try. This involves relaunching the Pokemon Go app, which may resolve any issues that have been occurring between the game and your device. Restart the game by pressing the home button, swiping up and closing it. Then reopen Pokémon Go and try to authenticate again.

Turn Your Device Off And On Again

If closing and re-starting Pokemon Go didn’t work, or if you’re still having trouble authenticating after doing so, try turning off your device completely by holding down its power button for 10 seconds before turning it back on again when prompted by an onscreen message. If this doesn’t get things working correctly, go ahead and try another method from list.

Remove And Re-add Google Account

This will unlink all your other accounts (like Gmail and Contacts), so only do this if you’re sure you want to.

The most common reason for this error is an incomplete or corrupt Google account. If you’re getting an error when you try to play Pokemon Go, you can try is removing your Google account and adding it again to fix this issue. This will reset the authentication process and let you log in again with a fresh start. But, Also remember this will unlink all your other accounts (like Gmail and Contacts), so only do this if you’re sure you want to.

To do this, go to Settings > Accounts Option > Add Account (this may vary depending on your device) and Remove Google accounts that is associated with Pokemon Go.

Now return to Settings > Accounts Option > Add Account and select “Google.” Sign in using your credentials and accept any prompts that appear on screen after doing so (if any).

Reinstall Pokemon Go

If none of these work for you, delete Pokémon Go from your device entirely by going into Settings > Apps & notifications > App info and then tapping ‘Uninstall updates.’ Once it’s been removed from your device, reinstall it via iTunes or Google Play Store (depending on how you downloaded it).

Final Words

If you’re experiencing the “Unable to Authenticate” error, it may not be your fault. Pokémon Go uses Google Accounts to sign in and play the game. If your account is missing some information or has been hacked, Pokémon Go won’t be able to verify that you are who you say you are. This Pokemon Go Error fix is a detailed walkthrough on how to resolve the ‘Unable to Authenticate’ Error message in Android devices. We hope that the above fixes are helpful in resolving ‘Unable to Authenticate’ Error in Pokemon Go. If you have come across any other method then do let us know by commenting in the section below.

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