Fix & Solve Mario Kart Tour Support Code 806 Error In Android Phone

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Mario Kart Tour is fun and all, but there’s an annoying problem — login errors! One such error, Android users are facing is “error code 806-6502” every time they open the app. It comes up with a loading screen and then freezes at 81%. In fact, because of that error, players cannot start the game. In fact, because of that error, players cannot start the game.

For Android, this error might pop-up because of multiple reasons. The error code 806 6502 can be a nightmare for a player. But don’t worry, we’ll help you get going with an amazing guide to fix it. Here are the solutions for Fix Mario Kart Tour support error code 806 6502.

Fixing Login Error Code 806-6502 on Mario Kart Tour

These fixes are useful for resolving Mario Kart Tour not working issues and any other errors within the 806-0000 to 806-9999 range.

Solution #1- Stay up-to-date

Playing Mario Kart Tour with Error Code 806-6502 can be frustrating but sometimes, the issue may be coming from your side. This error happens when you are playing the game with an older version of the game. When you get an update notification on Google Play Store, then try updating. You will find that this error has gone away and you can play the game without any issues.

Solution #2 – You need to restart the game

If you’re experiencing error code 806-6502 in Super Mario Kart Tour, there are a few things you can try. To fix this, start off by restarting the game application. Close the game down effectively and remove all your recent apps. Now, launch the game again.

Solution #3 – Turn off your device and restart it

There is always a chance that due to some temporary network glitch, you would be facing the error. Restarting your phone is always good if nothing works. It can also save you from having to do a hard reset on your phone. Restarting your smartphone can work against random bugs. It can also refresh your device memory.

Solution #4 – Removing the secondary account

In some cases, the error code may be caused by you playing with multiple accounts on your device. If that’s the case, try removing your secondary account and trying to open the game again. If that still doesn’t work, try adding your secondary account back.

Solution #5 – Delete and reinstall the game

It is best to uninstall and then reinstall the game from the Playstore. Additionally, make sure that you install the game only from the Playstore and not from a third-party source in order to ensure authenticity.

The Solution to the Mario Kart Tour Connection Error 806

We’ve listed a few general solutions below to fix error 806. Attempt each solution until it fixes your issue

Solution #1 – Make sure your internet connection is working

There is a possibility that your internet might be having issues. Please check that by doing a speed test or trying to run another online game on your mobile.

Solution #2 – Your router needs to be rebooted

Keeping your wireless router running 24/7 can sometimes cause connection issues. While most modern routers automatically go to sleep, this isn’t the most efficient way to use them. If you want to fix connectivity problems with your router, simply turn it off for 10 seconds and then back on again.

Solution #3 – Turn on flight mode

If you are playing on mobile data, but experience frustrations due to poor signal strength, try enabling flight mode on your device. Wait for a minute or two, then re-connect to your cellular network. This will refresh your network connection and is a quick way to fix any connection problems.

Check Mario Kart Tour Server Down Status

If you’re receiving Mario Kart Tour error code 806 when trying to log in, you’ve most likely been one of the unlucky victims of a server crash. This happened many times since Mario Kart Tour servers were launched. Here’s how you can check if the servers are down or not.

If you’ve ever experienced Mario Kart Tour errors or bugs, you’ll know how frustrating they can be. Thankfully, MKT’s Twitter is here to help. You can follow the official Mario Kart page for news of upcoming updates, server status, and more.

When your site is down, there’s no better company than Downdetector to check if an MKT outage has been reported in the last 24 hours. With Downdetector, you can get a clear picture of whether websites outages have been happening. The live MAP tracks all the outage incidents, pins them on the map and shows for how long they last.

Ensure Nintendo’s network is active. Before you play, make sure to check the official Nintendo network status page. If servers are down, you’ll want to wait until they’re back online.

That’s it. You’ve got everything you need to know to fix Error Code 806 in Mario Kart Tour. We hope this article helped you fix support error 806 in Mario Kart Tour. Thanks for reading!

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