Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working Issue In 2022: Here’s How

If you're looking for a fix for Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working in Android or iOS then you've come to the right place. Even if it sounds like a big problem, it is a very easy fix once you know what's causing it. There are dozens of people that have been able to solve the problem with this simple solution

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It’s been quite a while since Pokemon GO took over the entire world. But it’s not without its share of confusion and issues. The emergence of a GPS-based location-based game has brought in so many problems with it. From delayed egg hatching to the potential loss of Pokemon, there is nothing that isn’t frustrating about the game. And one among those issues is Adventure Sync not working in Pokemon Go in 2022. Let’s now read more and check out how we can fix this issue.

What is Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go?

Adventure Sync is a Pokemon Go feature that allows the game to track player activity using the native fitness apps on Android and iOS devices, including Apple Health on iPhone and Google Fit on Android smartphones. Once the game is linked with the fitness app of choice, it will record all the walking, running, and biking activity tracked by those apps. The recorded activity can then be used in Pokemon Go to hatch eggs and obtain candy without running or cycling while actually playing.

What does it mean when your Adventure Sync isn’t working?

When your Adventure Sync isn’t working, it means that the game can’t access your movement data from your device’s health app. This includes steps taken and distance traveled. It also means that it won’t count the distance you travel when the Pokémon GO app is in the background.

How To Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

There are a few things you can do to try and fix Pokémon Go Adventure Sync not working:

  • Check app permissions: To ensure that Pokémon Go has all the necessary permissions, you need to go to your phone’s Settings > Apps/Application Manager> Pokémon Go and check if the app has all the required privileges. The app also needs access to location services and battery optimization settings.
  • Turn off GPS: If turning off power-saving mode doesn’t fix the issue, you can try restarting your GPS, as sometimes it’s found that GPS functionality on Android is a bit buggy. To do this, turn off GPS from your phone’s Settings > Location > Mode and select Off. Then turn it On after few seconds.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Pokémon Go: One of the classic troubleshooting methods is deleting an app and downloading it again from scratch. This typically fixes any issues with corrupted files or an outdated version of the software not playing nicely with other apps on your phone.

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Restart Your Device

If the above steps don’t work, simply restart your device. To do this, press and hold the power button of your phone until you are able to see a pop-up window with multiple options on the screen, scroll down to find the “Restart” option and tap on it. Be sure to check if the issue has been resolved after your device has rebooted.

Re-logging in will fix the problem

If the issue is continuing, you will have to log out of the Pokemon go app and also related health apps. You can sign back in some time later. This should fix the problem most of the time but if not, try restarting your phone.

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Confirm That Your Device Has The Necessary Sensors

Before setting up Adventure Sync, you’ll want to confirm that your phone has the necessary sensors for it to gather data from your activities. Since Pokemon Go uses GPS to track players’ locations, any smartphone will work with the game. However, in order for Adventure Sync to function properly, your phone needs a gyroscope and accelerometer—two features often found in high-end smartphones.

A good way to see if your phone has these sensors is by looking at its technical specifications or by checking online reviews of the device you have. If either specification isn’t included on a product page or review site, it’s safe to assume that the phone doesn’t have it and that you should look into a new one if you want Adventure Sync activated ASAP.

If you’re not sure which sensor is which, an accelerometer detects changes in speed while a gyroscope detects changes in direction and orientation.

Shut down the game

If you’ve been using the app for a while and haven’t closed it yet, chances are that it might have some bugs in it that are causing issues such as this one. Closing the app can help these bugs from popping up or fix any minor glitches that may be causing Adventure Sync not to work properly.

If you are having issues with Adventure Sync not working, then force closing the game is a good way to fix it. Just open up Settings, find the Pokemon Go app, select it and click on Force Stop. Problem maybe fixed.

Make Sure That Your Health Apps Are Working

Once you’ve ensured that all the services are present and enabled, you can check if they’re working in tandem. Open up your phone’s health app, then see if your steps are being registered correctly. You can also open up Google Fit or Apple Health to see if the steps that you took outside of Pokemon Go are being reflected accurately. If the above step is showing accurate results, it means that your phone is now able to track your steps through various apps and services.

However, this might not mean that Pokemon Go Adventure Sync works on your Android device as well. To make sure that is working properly, open up the game and check for any new eggs or distance travelled notifications under the adventure tab. If it’s tracking properly, then you’re good to go!

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Make Sure You Have Given Permission To Health App

If you’re having problems with Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working, it’s likely because you haven’t granted the app access to your phone’s step data. Follow these steps to make sure everything is squared away:

  • iOS uses HealthKit to share data with other apps. Because of this, you’ll need to open up the Health app and check that Pokemon Go has permission for read permissions for step counting and distance tracking.
  • Android uses Google Fit to share data with other apps. Because of this, you’ll need to open up the Google Fit app and make sure that it has permission to share step counts with Pokemon Go.

Check Battery Optimization Settings

Check your battery optimization settings (instructions vary from device to device). If Pokémon GO isn’t optimized for battery use, it might be getting shut down when you aren’t using it or when you’re using other apps—in which case Adventure Sync might not work while the app is inactive or running in the background on another app.

Make sure your phone settings aren’t turned off by mistake. On most Android devices, if you have turned off GPS tracking or if you have set location access to Battery Saving mode, then Adventure Sync will not work. So make sure that GPS tracking is enabled from within the phone settings of your Android device so that Adventure Sync works properly in Pokémon Go. On iOS devices, ensure that Background App Refresh is turned ON (Settings>General>Background App Refresh). Turn off Battery Optimization for Pokémon Go in order to get Adventure Sync working.

Make sure your device is set to automatic time

To fix the Adventure Sync issue, you can enable automatic time or network time. iOS and Android devices both have these options.

On Android:

  • Tap and Open your device’s “Settings.” app and look for “System” or “Additional Settings.”
  • Scroll down the options, select the “Date & Time” option and Enable the “Automatic Date & Time” option and also enable the “Automatic Time Zone” option.

On iOS:

  • First and foremost, tap on the “Settings” app go to  the “General” settings option.
  • Scroll down the options, select “Date & Time” option and choose “Set Automatically” option and enabled it to green.

Activate High Accuracy Locations

Depending on your device, you can set the location settings to High Accuracy, Battery Saver, or Device Only. Each mode has different functions.

  • In order to fix the Adventure Sync issue, you can select the High Accuracy option in your location settings. However keep in mind that the high accuracy setting will drain your battery and also turn on Wi-Fi scanning.
  • The Battery Saver mode will put your phone into sleep mode when it is locked or in your pocket. This might not be ideal for an app like Pokemon Go so we recommend turning it off if you are facing any issues with Adventure Sync.

Pokemon Go Overview

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game which means that it takes the gameplay experience beyond your device screen and into the real world. The game is all about being physically active as you have to move around to find Pokemon and fight with them. With every victory, you can come across new Pokemons, increase your capability with moves, treasures, and also get items. The game is a good choice for players who lead a busy life but want to stay up-to-date with the latest Pokemon games.

We hope that this article helped you fix your Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working issue. If it’s not working, let us know in the comments below what seems to be your problem and if there are any issues or solutions apart from the ones mentioned above. Stay tuned for more Pokemon Go tips, tricks and hacks.

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