Fix Monster Hunter Rise (PC Version) PS4 Controller not working

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Monster Hunter: Rise PC demo has been released on October 13, but there are some issues users are facing who prefer to play with a controller. For some reason, their gamepads aren’t being detected by Steam and cannot navigate through the game once it launches. Happening to a lot of gamers, there is a nasty issue in Monster Hunter Rise preventing them from playing the game with Steam and a controller.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for issue. If you’ve been affected by this bug and can’t get your Steam controller to work in Monster Hunter: Rise, here’s how you fix it.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise is a wildly popular action role-playing video game developed by Capcom for the Switch console, and it is one of the most acclaimed games of 2021. It is a handheld title in the Monster Hunter series, released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The game has received the highest ratings from the gaming community.

Monster Hunter Rise follows Monster Hunter World, which was released in 2018 as the sixth main entry in the series. It was quite a surprise that Capcom had introduced so many exciting features this time and gamers enjoyed it so much. Monster Hunter: Rise, has been a hit for Capcom. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling games of all time already.

The good news is that something positive has happened. It has now been confirmed that the PC version of the game will be released next year! The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will be released in January 2022, for sure. For now, you can check out the demo version on Steam.

How to fix Monster Hunter Rise PS4 Controllers Not Working

If there’s one thing that makes a video game great, it’s the ability to create unforgettable feelings and emotions. Buggy online codes, frustrating glitches, and broken quests can ruin that experience. As an avid gamer, I know how disappointing it feels when your favourite game is ruined by bugs and glitches.

But no game — even Monster Hunter — is perfect. Just like the previous entries in the series, Monster Hunter: Rise has its fair share of issues. Monster Hunter: Rise typically encounters the issue of the controller not working. Every PC, PlayStation, or Xbox user can now try out the demo version of Monster Hunter. However, players have complained that whenever they try to connect their PS4 controller to the demo PC version, the device fails to connect. In addition, if it does succeed in connecting, the device doesn’t work.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you out with a comprehensive guide to solving issues and glitches in Monster Hunter: Rise. We’ve listed solutions for several problems that you might come across during your hunt.

Fix The Steam Input Settings

It is common for Steam to automatically detect your gamepad when you install a new game. There is an issue, however: You must set up Steam Input control manually for the Monster Hunter Rise Demo. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Start Steam and browse your library.
  • Click on the right-side gear icon or right-click on the Monster Hunter Rise Demo.
  • Select Properties… from the menu.
  • To enable Steam input, click on the Controller tab and choose Enable Steam input instead of Use default settings.
  • Launch the game.

Enable Steam Input with Third-Party Programs for Monster Hunter:Rise

Alternatively, ifif you don’t want to do that, there are also third-party programs that can translate controller input to Xinput. DS4Windows is one of the most popular DSS programs for DualShock 4. It provides a user-friendly UI and features such as profiling.

As with its Switch counterpart, Monster Hunter Rise for PC includes all the same quests and features, with the exception of the time limit and the 30 trials. This title offers all 14 weapons as well as five different types of quests:

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