Fix God of War Ragnarok Not Launching At Startup On PS4 & PS5, Here’ How To Do

In the days after its release, several players reported God of War Ragnarok not launching at startup. As part of this guide, we will try to troubleshoot God of War Ragnarok not launching error.

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God of War Ragnarok is the action-adventure game most appreciated by fans on account of its exploration of loss and love, grief and growth, determinism and bravery. A truly stellar piece of writing, it is a game which deconstructs the mythology of Norse gods and recreates it as a story about families. A perfect combination of a heartfelt story and excessive video game action, Ragnarök is a game that knows what it is and knows how to take it all in stride. In every way, it surpasses its predecessor and delivers a huge experience with incredible visuals, beautiful storytelling, and great gameplay. The best gift for any God of War fan and a great starter game for newcomers.

Unfortunately, many players have been reporting that they have been unable to start the game due to an error message. On consoles, players are experiencing a problem with God of War Ragnarok not launching. In this article, we will explain how to fix God of War Ragnarok Not Launching Error, so that you don’t have to worry about the issue again.

How To Fix God Of War Ragnarok Not Launching At Startup Error On PS4 & PS5 ?

Even though God of War Ragnarok is a long game, it is worth the time spent on it because of its writing and character development. Spending hours and hours with these characters and learning how they see the world and what influences their thinking makes this game worth the runtime. It is filled with fascinating characters, particularly the Aesir gods, in their most majestic form.

However, In order to enjoy this level of game, you must have a smoother gameplay without any stumbling blocks, errors, or obstructions. So let us have a look at a list of solutions in order to fix the Not Launching at Startup Error for God of War Ragnarok on PS4 and PS5.

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Solution 1: Restart Console

The general rule of thumb when it comes to fixing any console issue is to restart the console. This is the fastest and easiest way to resolve any issue, so whenever you experience any problem with your console, perform this solution right away. Using a simple restart of your console can fix many temporary issues, so it is possible that your game will work again.

Solution 2: Check For New Firmware Update

The next thing to do before getting into any workarounds is to check the PlayStation console for system updates. Sometimes an outdated system build can lead to a number of problems.

  • To begin with, you will need to go to the Settings menu on your PlayStation console and select System Software Update. You can update the console firmware very easily by checking the available updates and following the instructions on-screen.
  • Upon completion, reboot the system in order to apply the changes. After the system reboot, test the game to determine if it is functioning smoothly.

Solution 3: Make Sure There Is Enough Storage For Installation

The file size of God of War Ragnarok on PlayStation 5 is 84.095GB, while on PlayStation 4 it is 106.817GB, which is a fairly large size. As a result, when it comes to installing games as large as God of War Ragnarok, it is important to make sure that your console has ample space in order to download and install the game properly. You may experience problems executing the process due to insufficient storage space.

Solution 4: Rebuilding Database

In order to keep playing your PS4/PS5 games smoothly, rebuilding your database will remove corrupted data and reorganise your files. It is recommended to perform this sort of maintenance on a regular basis if you notice that the gaming machine is becoming extremely slow.

Solution 5: Reinstalling GOW Ragnarok

A second alternative is to uninstall the current version of the game, then reinstall it. It’s not a very practical way to fix your game’s issues. That is because when you uninstall the a game, your system will automatically remove all files associated with an uninstalled game. This will make it possible for you to reinstall it again with the newly downloaded game files.

Solution 6: Hard Reset Console

Furthermore, it is not a very useful way of resolving some issues in the game since it is not very quick. This is the method that will cause you to lose all the progress you have made in your game on your console. Because when you perform a Hard Reset, all of the data on your device is erased and all of its settings are reset.

This will result in the deletion of all the saved data on your console. You should be patient as data deletion can take a considerable amount of time. Once this process has been completed, log into your PlayStation account and download the game again. Check if the issue persists after you have done this.


In God of War Ragnarok, beautiful visuals and carefully planned levels combine to create a story that will appeal to a wide audience. This game utilizes next-generation hardware to deliver an experience that only a video-game can provide.The problem arises when your copy of GOW Ragnarok does not start upon startup, which is detrimental to your gaming experience. If you are having problems with God Of War Ragnarok not launching at startup, then this guide should be able to assist you in fixing the problem. Please let me know if you have any additional questions by commenting below. Happy Gaming!

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